"Hinky," or Follow the Money

Be careful what you blog, and be discerning about what you read: "Crystal Cox, the self-described 'investigative blogger' will not get a new trial and previously unreported facts in the case — revealed by the judge — suggest her claim of journalistic protection was undeserved.

Cox has been ordered to pay a financial company $2.5 million for a single blog posting in which she accused it of tax fraud."

Sidebar: The Internet, rewiring our brains, and personality disorders.

'Nother Sidebar: This article, about what a busybody Google is, was sent to me last month by Fred E. and was time sensitive. Oh, well.


Kenneth said...

Google's informal corporate motto is:
"Don't be evil." Very Orwellian--Google is evil, it is front and center in destroying any vestige of personal privacy.

Try using this search engine instead:
Check out their privacy policy.

TCC said...

Thanks for the helpful tip.

Kenneth said...

You're most welcome. I recommend people phase out their "free" gmail and yahoo accounts and pay the modest annual fee to get a privacy oriented paid email service. If you pay them they work for you, not their advertisers and those they sell your private data to.