Sat. Sighting: Fatherhood Coalition's Dissent

Writes JoeU of the Massachusetts-based father rights organization: "We oppose the 'White Ribbon Campaign' and Jane Doe's banner because they falsely promote the hateful idea that only men commit violence. Under this premise it is too easy and common to throw a father out of his home and take his children away. Even incarcerate him. All without real justification. The reality, as everyone knows, is that men and women are equally capable of violent acts. Singling out men, and the governor's approval of this message, is sexist and discriminatory.

The governor* also needs to answer for his double standards for it's clear that only banners with 'approved' messages are allowed under his administration. A message that honors fathers is not while another that spews hate against men and young men is just fine and dandy."

In the photo: The banner-in-question hanging at the Mass. State House.

Related: I blogged about the absurd spectacle of incorporating this PC White Ribbon campaign into the half-time show at a UMass/Amherst basketball game.

Sidebar: The Fatherhood Coalition argues that Dr. Paul, not Rick Santorum, is the candidate for guys and families. Massachusetts votes on Super Tuesday.

*Deval Patrick

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