Taking a Summer Break ...

 ... as I am going on a little vacation to the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States of America.


Over My Head

Every summer a vendor comes to the city's public marina and flies (and sells) these gigantic kites. 


Over 3000 Archers at this Event

They are literally the "Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan," and they are among the best archers on the planet.

Read their story. Here's a photo of the group ...


Slightly Grumpy Post: Last Boat Festival (I'm attending) for the Summer

My latest boat watching event was the Venetian Festival in Charlevoix.

I do like the Chinese lanterns, but are they a fire hazard?

The highlight of this event was the nighttime boat parade. Campy, but pretty.


How's your Monday starting out?

The future "Dr. Lyman" getting psyched to watch knee surgery at a Virginia hospital.


Lavender and Cherries ... and Colorful Produce

Scenes from the Petoskey Farmers Market


Buying Locally, Organically

A few items from our local Farmers Market:


Harry Potter, RIP

He was 93-years-old and lived in Charlevoix, MI.  I wonder if the humble name became a burdensome conversation piece after you-know-who became an worldwide phenom.


The Lord Giveth

What a pleasant surprise to find these berries growing in our backyard. Muffin material.


Meagan Leza Bell, 1985-2013

Yesterday I learned that Meagan Bell, a Massachusetts acquaintance, died in Haiti last week. She was in a minivan on her way to the airport when a truck collided with the van she was in. Meagan's dad, David Bell, was seriously injured in the crash. Terrible. Just terrible.

Once upon a time, Brad, Meagan's younger brother, played high school ice hockey with the youngest Lyman child. The Bells hail from South Africa and arrived in Amherst, MA, sixteen years ago to pursue the academic life. They are a lively family whose company we always enjoyed. Independent thinkers, too. (I quoted Dr. Bell in this article.)

Brad, himself, made waves when he elected to play field hockey with the gals. (Here's a New York Times story as to why that occurred.) I remember standing near Meagan, while watching Brad dash around in a skirt at a Smith College field. I also remember sitting with her at ice hockey games.

She was described by a western Mass. reporter as having "special needs" due to the meningitis she contracted as a toddler. But Meagan was just special - an exceptionally friendly, sincere person.

To think she was in Haiti doing a good deed and fulfilling a dream.

RIP, Meagan. My condolences to Dave, Bev, and Brad.

Smiling Meagan


"Big Talent Has a Way of Beating Discrimination"

Friday fun! The editor of World, Marvin Olasky, writes about Pat Goetze (homeschooler drafted by Boston Red Sox) and quotes my insta-opinion on the matter.


Newspaper Editor Sues Readers for Defamation

You just won't believe what an MSM journo named Lori Kilchermann has done.

Actually. Yes, you will.

I am proud to say that this Watchdog Wire/Michigan story was linked to by Matt Drudge ... although, as the editor of WW/MI I had nothing to do with the linking or the writing of the story.

Congrats to Adam Ulbricht, the young fellow who did pull this off.

Lori K.


Isle of Skye and Nearby Castles, Etc

This sounds like a very neat place to go to for a vacay.

Whatcha think, people? Would you like to visit the western highlands of Scotland (or re-visit)?

Look at these photos.

Eilean Donan Castle


MI Dairy Farmer Becomes Millionaire Recycling Cow Manure

Here's my blog post about Brad Morgan and his 'magic' DairyDoo.


Parasail Over Lake Charlevoix

Power Boat

Friday night I went to the annual Boyne Thunder charity event in Boyne City. The camo-looking high-performance boat pictured above was in this water parade/excursion of the fast and flashy. Boat bling-bling. Even the pickups were over-the-top.

Kinda fun, but I much prefer the scene at dusk. The parasailor jazzing up the night sky was a nice touch.


Pat Goetze Signs with the Red Sox

Here's the blurb, and here's the original news story about Pat Goetze, NC homeschooler, being drafted in the 2013 MLB First-Year Player 36th round by the Boston Red Sox.

Pat the Pitcher had to decide by July 12 whether to accept the offer from Beantown or go to Louisburg College to play ball. He is now in Fort Myers, Florida probably at the Red Sox's developmental complex.

What I continue to appreciate about this story is that Pat has never played on a public or private school sports team. He found alternatives, outside the mainstream, to exercise his talents and stuck with them. (Apparently NC doesn't allow homeschoolers to participate on pub. ed teams.)

Even a Tim Tebow or a Collin Klein had to go 'establishment' to play football. (I'm not criticizing, just saying ... )

I also appreciate Pat's philosophy, "Give God the Glory. I will be the best I can be."


So you think you can dance

Here's the background report that accompanies this tacky video.


The Bearded One Caught My Eye



Purple Pom-Poms

I don't know what kind of flowers these are, but they get my vote for 'most unique' plant I've seen this summer.


America Turns 2013

Thanks to Ken for passing along this hilarious reminder about what too much government schooling plus too much entertainment has wrought. 


At Least, the Carnations are Home Grown


Two Boats at Dusk

So many residents and visitors were at the waterfront, tonight, taking photos with their phones of the glorious sunset. Sigh.


The Little Drummer Boy(s) and Girls

Yesterday I went to our city's annual Fourth of July parade, and it was delightful. A local plumber came up with this fun float.

I live close to the public high school. For the past couple of weeks, I've been hearing drummers practicing for the parade. Finally, I could put some faces on the young people from the Petoskey marching band who act as my alarm clock.

Hello Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross.

At dusk, I headed downtown, to the waterfront, to meet a friend, see the fireworks, and show off our bracelets.

The Harbor Springs fireworks ... across the bay

The more localized Petoskey ones. At the end of the display, not only did the audience clap, but the boaters watching in the Little Traverse Bay, tooted their horns. :)


Hope you have a relaxing, lighthearted holiday!


Pure Michigan

Below is the lil' article I wrote about a local boat show. At the show, I met and interviewed an adorable couple who have been married for 63 years and summer in northern Michigan.

This fancy tug was for sale for some ridiculous price. But, admittedly, it is a beautiful, unique vessel.


Tourists and visitors but still a laid-back atmosphere. 

Ready for the 4th of July!

This mega-yacht was docked near the show. Wow, huh?

Speedy pontoon. 


Another 'Deprived' Homeschooler

Meet Pat Goetze. He was homeschooled, K-12, in North Carolina. He's also a top-notch baseball player who has never played on a public school or private school team. Somehow, he managed to get drafted by the Boston Red Sox.

As they say in New England, that's wicked cool. Here's a clip of the tall lad practicing his pitching.

Fabric Arts

 Last weekend I went to a quilt show. Then, I wrote a little story and snapped a few photos about the event for the Charlevoix County News.

This vibrant forest scene looks more like a painting than a quilt. 

I didn't care for the old-school, mean teacher quilt, although I think it was meant to be humorous.

The handiwork work on this star, alone, is exquisite.

My favorite, because there's no place like ...


Mallard Swimming in Pickerel Lake

Those jade-colored heads, on the males, are so eye-catching.