The Oklahoman: Excelling at Yellow Journalism

Tomorrow, Oklahoma City will have a city council election.

Two of the gentleman running for ward (as they are called) spots are Adrian Van Manen and Cliff Hearron. Both are simpatico to the Tea Party.

Coincidentally, they are both congregants at the same fundamentalist Baptist church - Windsor Hills Baptist Church - whose extracurricular activities have offended the delicate sensibilities of the desk jockeys of the Oklahoman.

Two hints: The church strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and has featured Confederate flags on its website.

This past Sunday the Oklahoman did a front page story about the church. Interesting timing.

Guess the Establishment must be worried that Mr. Van Manen and Mr. Hearron might get elected and not toe the party line. In this case, the party line means being pro-Chamber of Commerce, an entity known for ruthlessly turning folksy central Oklahoma into a dull bastion of economism and corporate welfare. The latter mechanism was instrumental in bringing the former Seattle SuperSonics, now the Oklahoma City Thunder, to the Sooner State.

Here's the Oklahoman story by Michael Baker and John Estus, stenographers for the status quo.

BTW: This OK legislator's controversial House of Worship choice didn't rate a front-page expose.

Then, again, he's one of those pro-skyscraperization sorts.

Update: Today, the Oklahoman runs an editorial endorsing the two Baptists' opposition (who are also the incumbents).


Sun. Inspiration: Anti-Culture of Death

This in-your-face billboard, featuring a beautiful child, didn't last long in Manhattan's über-artsy SoHo neighborhood. No surprise there. At least the pro-lifers tried. The message remains powerful and provocative and poignant. It's also a shot at pro-abotion organizations, like Planned Parenthood, which have located an inordinate amount of clinics in minority neighborhoods.

Hispanics are also targets of PP. See my piece on it.


Frederic Bastiat's 19th Century Revelation

Frederic Bastiat, a visionary economist

The antics of those AWOL legislators in Wisconsin and, now, Indiana bring to mind Mr. Bastiat's prescient prediction: "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

A Word for President's Day

Presidential historian Doug Wead (in the photo) has penned an interesting blog entry about small business and the U.S. presidency .. well worth a read ... especially his take on why corporate America was so enthused about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Go here. And here's Doug's Amazon page.


Massachusetts Stands with Wisconsin

Indoctrinating children into socialism ... tsk, tsk

What a splendid gesture! Mike Franco, an activist-acquaintance from Massachusetts, is helping promote a pair of rallies, today, in support of Wisconsin's Governor Walker and his just cause.

He writes: "We salute American governments at all levels that do the right thing... So, stand with us in support of Gov. Scott Walker and the great state of Wisconsin.

Two rallies, Tues., Feb. 22, sponsored by area Tea Parties, 912 Projects & Liberty groups.

One in Boston and the other in Springfield from 4:00-6:00 p.m. official time. Details: Boston Site; Park Street side of the Common near corner of Beacon. Assembly at 3:30 p.m.

Springfield Site: Corner of Court Street and East Columbus. Assembly at 3:30 p.m.

Notes: Sign design and construction underway. Wisconsin flags shipped overnight delivery!"

If you live in the cradle of liberty, this is a great opportunity to show solidarity with many, many common-sense taxpayers.


Trevor Bayne: "Tim Tebow at 200 mph"

What a feel-good story!

An unknown, not well-to-do twenty-year-old, with a megawatt smile, wins the Daytona 500.

Trevor Bayne is also a born-again Christian. His positive attitude and spontaneity makes the NASCAR heavyweights (Stewart, Earnhardt, Busch, etc.) seem boring and corporate.

From the Boston Herald: "He has everything the critics say the sport is missing. He has personality. He has pizzazz. He has loads of humility but no fear. He has the faith, fun and family values that NASCAR fans crave. He is Tim Tebow at 200 mph.

He excitedly referred to Jesus Christ as 'THE MAN' after he won the race. And when somebody asked him what would be the first thing he buys with the $1.5 million prize for winning the Daytona 500, he talked about donating some of the money to a number of Christian-based charities."

My family watched Trevor's final lap, and we were all chuckling when he said he didn't know how to get to victory lane.

This is Trevor's second NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. R-O-O-K-I-E!

He received his GED online as he became a little too busy pursuing life in the fast lane (groan, people, groan) to stick with conventional schooling methods.

Congratulations, Mr. Bayne. Please stay humble, and stay away from groupies.

Stop U.S.-Korea NAFTA

Teamsters are describing the so-called South Korea Free Trade Agreement as the "Son of NAFTA."

Teamster prez, Jim Hoffa, says “This deal would allow so-called ‘Korean’ cars sold in the United States to be made mostly in other countries because of the ridiculously low rule-of-origin requirement. I also have serious security concerns because the deal would cover products assembled in South Korea made with parts from North Korea.”

Peter Gemma, a conservative writer, isn't taken with it, either. He writes, "The Korea Free Trade Agreement has nothing to do with free or fair trade. It’s managed trade as defined in over a thousand pages filled with favors and exceptions for some special interests, while imposing obligations and restrictions on the beleaguered American manufacturing sector."

But CNN Money can't praise it enough.

Do we really need to lose more jobs and increase our trade deficit?

If you are opposed and want to learn more, please visit this website.

Don't 'Friend' Me

Reasons why folks, who like Mass Media, don't like Facebook:

Here's Chin Wong, a columnist for the Manila Standard;

Here's Matt Labash from the Weekly Standard;

Andy Ostroy of the Huffington Post rants (some #@!!% language);

Gene Weingarten's Washington Post piece has a point-on headline and funny cartoon;

Bunch of Hollywood celebs explain why they don't participate in Facebook, including the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (some of these reasons are hilarious);

Parents, including one very famous mom, who don't let their children have accounts.

Update and h/t to Mr. R: Of course, the younger generation much prefers social networking to blogging. The NYT explains why.

'Nother Update: An Egyptian man - who got way too caught up in the moment - named his daughter "Facebook."


Homeschooler Wins NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Well, they've won beauty pageants, spelling bees, Heismans, scholarships to the Ivy League, geography bees, and American Idol contests, so it was only a matter of time before a home scholar also won a bigtime slam dunk exhibition. The height of hype, no? A choir and a car also figured into Blake's jumping act ... even Spike Lee was amazed.

Gwinnett County's Very Serious Drug Problem

A deadly combination: An illegal cooking meth (possibly crystals that caught fire) results in the death of three small children.

Authorities in Gwinnett County (GA) have arrested the children's mother and are still looking for the at-large suspect, Ivan Gonzalez.

Law enforcement are doing everything they can to find Ivan the Terrible (in the photo): "Gwinnett police requested assistance from national — and especially Spanish-speaking — media on Friday afternoon, in an effort to intercept Gonzalez before he can flee the country, Smith said.

Police describe Gonzalez as Hispanic, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 190 pounds with short hair. He bears a Jesus tattoo on his lower leg. It’s also possible he could be traveling in a green 2004 or 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer, Smith said."

Sunday Information: The Genesis Code

Beats me if this latest mass media offering is entertaining or inspiring (although this reviewer and this reviewer didn't dislike it), but I have a soft spot for a film that features an ice hockey player, an aspiring journalist, and a debate between evolution v. creation. It was also filmed in an uncool locale - Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Grand Rapids, for those of you who don't travel in evangelical circles, is a religious right mecca of sorts. Like a Colorado Springs of the Midwest.

I also have a soft spot for a film that lacks bimbos, aliens, serial killers, and that's being promoted by Sharron Angle. The Tea Party lady candidate is far preferable to any red carpet event featuring Sharon Stone.


Grizzly Militia? NRA Discount for Polar Bears?

I saw a lad, at the local gym, wearing a tee with this cute message:

There's a series of sci-fi books based on that theme.

Only in America.


Complimentary Copy, People

This past week, I mailed a copy of The Victims of Illegal Immigration to Kathy from Flint, Michigan.

Here's what she wrote me: "I got the pamphlet, today, and started reading it immediately; after a few minutes I realized I hadn't even taken my coat off. I read the whole thing. I am in my fifties, and I do NOT recognize my country any more ..."

That's exactly the type of reaction I hoped to provoke, from concerned Americans, when I eagerly assumed the task of editing the booklet.

One of the booklet's most powerful and moving essays, by Ray Tranchant, has been posted here. An overview of the booklet is here and here. One of the better-known contributors is mentioned here.

If you'd like a complimentary copy or would like one sent to a friend, legislator, or activist, please email me. Truly every single contributor - and there's 16 of them - did a first-class job.

The adorable little girl in photo: The late Tessa Tranchant, Ray's daughter.


Good for you, Joel Northup!

You are a class act! You have given new meaning to the phrase, "Man, up!"

Please meet the high school wrestler, from Iowa, who refused to go mano a mano with a young lady. And, yes, I, too, am sorry, Joel, that you were put in this position by your elders, but your principled stand against gender neutrality is invigorating.

Update: Joe H., a young dad, was also excited about this story. He passed along this link about Joel, who is also a homeschooler.

Converts Via Door-To-Door Evangelism

Spotted in the Salt Lake Tribune: Leaders from the Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventist faiths, explain why and how their numbers are on the rise: "In Utah, members of both denominations say the most robust growth has been among Spanish-speaking members, including immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America.

'Our person-to-person ministry has a big impact,' said Francisco Montano, a spokesman for Spanish-speaking Jehovah’s Witnesses in northern Utah.

The number of Spanish-language congregations has exploded, Montano said, from one in Ogden 30 years ago to 26 between Logan and Spanish Fork today.

Martin Emslie, pastor of West Jordan Seventh-day Adventist Church, says the number of Spanish speakers has eclipsed English speakers in his faith’s Utah congregations."

Fascinating. I wonder how many former Catholics are among these new Latino converts.

I also wonder if either church has taken a public stand on immigration.

Ron Paul is a 'Kook'

My latest Belgrade-News column is live.

John v. Bill, or Libertarian v. Neoconservative.


Downing Street's Fierce Kitty Cat

First order of business - Larry slashes a journo? LOL. He knows who the real rats are.

Lew Rockwell's opinion of Larry (pictured): "Finally, a productive government appointment."

Sometimes, You Can Walk on Water

A few miles from my house is Walloon Lake. It's currently frozen which makes it ideal to walk on, snowmobile on, and cross-county ski on.

One can also drill a nice circle and (attempt) to ice fish on Walloon ... to be continued ...


More on the CPAC Boycott

Star Parker has penned an outstanding column about GOProud (the gay Republicans) and CPAC. Please read it.

Also click on the ad. It appeared last week in the Washingon Times. Several of my Massachusetts and Oklahoma activist acquaintances/friends were among the signatories.

Runway, Schmunway

At the 1:20 mark, a lighthearted (for a change) look at visas, tech nerds, and fashion models. Yeah, I know. Put some clothes (and meat) on this gal.


A Modern Pa Ingalls

Columnist Doug Giles is slightly wacky and bawdy ... but he's also an adventuresome padre, the father of two comely young ladies.

He explains why he took his teen daughter, Regis, bear hunting in the Last Frontier: "Dangerous? You want to talk danger? This toxic culture is more dangerous than any hunting grounds I’ve been on from Alaska to Africa. It’s poisonous. I determined long ago that I didn’t want my girls to be a part ... So I decided that to keep them from becoming the next adolescent train wrecks, one of the essential ingredients would be a regular dose of the irregular wild, especially hunting. Yep, my plan was to inoculate them from becoming Anna Nicole Smiths of the new millennium via the vaccine of pursuing venison."

You just gotta read the whole thing!

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my town's local newspapers - Petoskey News-Review - interviewed a gent that looks and sounds like my hubby; he speaks at the :24 and 2:07 mark. lil' chuckle


Another Deadly Domestic Dispute

A (presumed) illegal has been charged in the murder of two of his little sons ... in Atlanta ... Elvis Noe Garcia-Nelasco is all of 23, ... he was involved in a "custody dispute" with the boys mum .. who he was not married to ... Elvis (in the photo) originally claimed the mother's beau (also presumed to be illegal) killed the two sons ... a third child is in critical condition.

There's more to this sad, sordid tale ... you can read it here and here.

Thank God for competent crime scene investigators who outed Elvis as a liar.

Meanwhile, Michelle Ma Belle lobbies for amnesty.


"Immigration Benefit" Loophole Keeps Killer in U.S.

In Manassas, Virginia: "A Salvadoran man who was ordered deported nearly a decade ago but never left has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in a series of shootings and a knife attack in a Virginia suburb of Washington, authorities said Friday.

Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro (in the photo), an illegal immigrant, was charged in the pair of attacks blocks apart Thursday night that left three people dead and three others injured, Manassas Police Chief Doug Keen said.

Reyes Alfaro knew all of the victims, he said, but police were still sorting out the exact relationships."

Alfaro, 37, lived in a Manassas townhouse with Brenda Ashcraft, 56. She, along with her son and another individual, were among the deceased. Police say that Alfaro and Ashcraft had a "twisted personal relationship."

The same could be of said of the relationship the federal government has with illegal immigration.

Rand's Dad Bring Downs the House at CPAC

The money quote: "Government should never be able to do anything you can't do."

Another memorable quote: “Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.”

For a man in his seventies, Congressman Paul never sounds like a codger. It must be because he speaks well, with passion, and also speaks plainly (as opposed to pompously).

Word on the street is that he received 9 standing ovations for this speech.

Update: I like Dr. Paul's friendly admonition to 'his' attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference gathering: "I ask that you please remain respectful of all speakers and presenters as you attend the numerous events throughout the weekend. Though you may have opposing views with some, it is vital we act in a professional manner which builds up our movement."

This is in line with my post below.

'Nother Update: And he wins the presidential straw poll for the second year in a row.

Update to 'Nother Update: The Doc responds to the poll, and, says, he hasn't decided to run for president.

Stay Classy, Conservatives

Andrew Breitbart: "We live in two media Americas. Those not in the emerging and developing right media camp are inventing new ways to circumvent the liberal media's stranglehold on the national political narrative."

Gotta appreciate how effectively Mr. Breitbart's 'big' information revolution marches on, sans infrastructure. His irreverence is very refreshing.

Now a word about the comments at Big Journalism and Big Hollywood. Specifically, about the piece I wrote which drew many responses, as well as responses to the responses. A special thanks to all the 'Big' posters who artfully defended the Duggars and the culture of life.

But I draw the line at, first, salty comments that degrade folks' physical appearance and, second, profanity. In that respect, a handful of the attacks on Ms. Fotopoulos, at Big J & H, crossed the line. However, the bloggers at the BIGS don't have the last word about the headlines, photos, videos, or moderation of comments. It is the editors, who usually do a great job keeping it spicy and relevant, that are in charge of the nuts and bolts and style protocol. And taste, as we all know, is subjective, and individuals get very emotional - sometimes rightfully so - when they feel their choices or ideas are being misrepresented.

Bottom line: Punchy and provocative is gold, profane and overly personal - not classy.


"What's Great About America?"

John Stossel, the well-known television reporter, is hosting an essay contest for students, ages 13-18. 120 cash prizes! Trip to the Big Apple!

Here's all the details. Deadline is Feb. 28. Homeschoolers are welcome.

P.S. I'm one of the graders/judges for this contest, and to ensure unbiased grading, I won't be seeing the teacher or student's name or school. I'm looking forward to reading the essays!


What Sanctuary City Did They Seek Refuge In?

What a lousy job this federal behemoth - DHS - continues to do.

From Judicial Watch: "A Homeland Security program created to deport incarcerated illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes has failed to identify hundreds of dangerous felons—including child molesters and drug dealers — who instead have been released in the U.S. upon completing their sentence.

It marks the latest of many failures on the part of the massive federal agency charged with keeping America safe. The idea behind the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Criminal Alien program is to remove violent illegal aliens before they are released from federal and state prisons nationwide. Thousands have been deported, but more than 800 were released into the general population in one year."

Chipotle probably hired some of them.

Marxachusetts Used to Produce Pilgrims

Yet another useless, anti-American exceptionalism, taxpayer-funded program at UMass/Amherst. This one is dubbed the Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success.

At UMass multicultural means African American, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American.

It is also synonymous with 'left-wing.'

Take a listen:

ZZZZzzzz ... You still awake? That was boring and uninspiring, but if you listened, even for a minute or two, you realize that this center isn't about promoting unity or educational excellence. It's about pandering to special interest groups and indoctrinating college kids into thinking that assimilation and the melting pot is overrated.

Come to think of it, college towns don't assimilate. Look at what flag still flies outside the Amherst Town Hall on a bodacious winter day.

Why that's not Old Glory ... it's ... the ... United ... Nations ... flag.

Can you spell A-M-E-R-I-K-A?

Photo credit: Larry


Youth 'Workers' vs. Youth Workers

Lila Rose's sting stings Planned Parenthood.

Her latest video reveals how law-breaking PP employees, in NYC, think nothing of helping out a 'pimp' whose 'clients' are underage sex workers who don't even speak English.

On a less pessimistic note ... In Oklahoma, an exceptional number of homeschooled students are community volunteers.


'The People' Chose This Guy?

This genius - who won a Washington Post punditry contest - thinks that Middle America's grave economic problems can be solved with more immigration. Williams, in fact, thinks the "Midwest can't survive without immigrants."


The working-class folks in my corner of Michigan are hurting for good-paying jobs and choices in employment. To that end, they travel long distances, in ice and snow, to labor at low-paying jobs in big box stores and fast-food chains and wherever else (e.g. the casinos) they can earn some bucks. A few high-tech start-ups, created by well-educated immigrants, are all well and good and worthy of props, but it does not an economy make, Mr. Williams.

The people I live alongside need the secure jobs that American manufacturing plants once provided. Manufacturing, alas, has become a dirty word, but it's still the "engine" for growth. Just ask the Chinese.

Margaret Sanger's Disciples

My latest blog entry at Big Journalism deals with a recent attack upon the Duggars by a population-control zealot.

In contrast, ABC News did a sweet story about the Bates family (in the photo) of east Tennessee.


What a Twit, er, Tweet

Spotted at Twitter: "Egypt thanks Christina Aguilera for botching the national anthem and bumping them off the Twitter trending list."

Hat tip: New York Daily News.

College Loan Humor

One for the college grads who got their diploma this past December. Click on it.


From Last Year's Super Bowl

The ad that caused the Planned Parenthood feminists to go ballistic (before they even saw it).

Update: Brilliant, Packers!

(Sorta) Sunday Inspiration: Gold Chasers

Ryan Vaughan reviews Gold Rush: Alaska. Hint: He Likes it. He really likes it. Another hint: It's nothing like the airbrushed Sarah Palin's Alaska.

He writes: "Yes, it's reality show drama, but it's as pure as you can get with cameras around. People's livelihoods are on the line and that is at once inspiring and befuddling. I would say we could all use a little of that unbridled sense of adventure and desperation to revitalize our country, but these rugged gentlemen already have."

In a nation of couch potatoes and desk jockeys, that's well said. Unfortunately, the State has curtailed mining and logging, so these type of gutsy, guy-oriented adventures are hard to come by.

This show, btw, is my husband's guilty pleasure. He says the characters are more "raw" than "rugged." Photo of the cast:


Mrs. Smart -n- Sassy

Ph.D. Mom Dropout is operated by a free-market economist who blogs about money, family, career, and so on. Her "about" page is hilarious.

Here's one of the author's wonkier works. Here's another. And one more.


ABC Propaganda Piece: Are you kidding me?

This looks like a Saturday Night Live skit, it's so ridiculous. But it isn't. It's 'respected' ABC News reporter John Quiñones blatantly lying about SB 1070; the law forbids racial profiling. And since when do security guards run around restaurants causing a fuss about the immigration bonafides of patrons?

Let's see if Richard Cohen, Southern Poverty Law Center president, writes to ABC news head, Ben Sherwood, to ask that Quiñones be canned because this 'reporter' is promoting "racist conspiracy theories."

Recall that Cohen wrote a letter to CNN/U.S.’s then-president Jonathan Klein last year, asking that popular newscaster Lou Dobbs be “removed” from the airwaves because, in part, Dobbs was promoting “racist conspiracy theories” (translation: Dobbs wanted a debate about the controversy surrounding Obama's birth certificate).


Demographics and Destiny

Hope Yen, of the AP, has news about the census: "U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation's population growth over the last decade - one of the largest shares ever - with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats."

More here.

Remembering Laura Ingalls Wilder

I wrote a little tribute to the little house author. Here and here.

An obit and a photo of her writing desk.

In the photo: A young Laura Ingalls


Instant Book Reviews

Escapist literature that I've read - or attempted to read ...

The Confession by John Grisham. Thumbs up, for this legal thriller. Unlike Grisham, I (generally) don't disapprove of the death penalty. Chapter 29 (no spoilers here) is a heartbreaker. Recommended reading for Mr. Grisham. Also a heartbreaker.

The Overton Windown by Glenn Beck. Thumbs down. A mishmash of pointless prose designed to fire up right-wing populists. After 60 pages, I quit.

The Charming Quirks of Others: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel by Alexander McCall Smith. Jury's still out/Undecided. The story is set in Edinburgh, Scotland (a plus), and Isabel Dalhousie doubles as a philosopher and detective (another plus). The plot, however, was a non-event, despite its 'charm' and 'quirks.'

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. Thumbs up, despite it being a bit too gritty and gratutious. It features Mickey Haller, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of a Lincoln Town Car. A driven fella in more ways than one. Connelly gets extra credit for the plot twists and spartan writing style.

True Grit by Charles Portis. Thumbs down, if you seen the movie(s), thumbs up, if you haven't.


Minors, Abortion, & Sex Trafficking

Live Action goes undercover at a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Jersey. Lila Rose, a pro-life activist and crusading New Journalist, explains the video.

No Incentive to Be Chaste

Words fail me after reading this shocking essay about teen moms who can barely read ... but they didn't fail Gerry Garibaldi, a Connecticut teacher and the author of "Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister."

He argues that urban schools, like the one he teaches at, have become "puppy mills," due to the generous welfare benefits given to students who become pregnant.

Update: This article, by Beverly K. Eakman, strikes me as an appropriate companion piece to Gerry's column. It's called "Whatever happened to mommy?" But Dr. Bev also points out the role that daddy used to have (or should have) protecting his daughter(s) from sexual predators. Adolescents could stand to have, not just a Tiger Mom, but a pair of strict Latino parents.

'Nother Update: What it's like to be a poor, yet principled neighbor of these moms and their boyfriends.

Chickenhawks in Spartantown; Backbone in Bobcatville

According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the 12 worst schools - for free speech - are almost all located in the Northeast Corridor.

Figures UMass/Amherst would be in the top 5.

Michigan State University also made the list due to MSU's oddball email policy. It reads: "The University's e-mail services are not intended as a forum for the expression of personal opinions."

Pick Outdoor, a billboard company, rejected FIRE's ad protesting the Spartan's repressive speech codes. It was to be displayed near the campus.

On the other hand: The statist Charlotte Observer defended the right of a group of white nationalists to hold a confab in their town. From the editorial page: "The First Amendment's protections of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are meaningless if they do not protect speech that most of society despises. The way to counter offensive ideas is to a) ignore them or b) contrast them with your own, better ideas, not ban them."

Kobach: Character, Looks, and Brains

Newsweek describes immigration attorney Kris Kobach as "America's Deporter in Chief."

What a compliment!

But even the Newsweek writer can't help but be impressed with Kris' Ivy League bonafides.

Tony Dokubil states: "Kobach’s contagious ideas and all-American good looks have made him a fixture on Fox News. But he’s no wingnut. His path to public life is so pedigreed it makes John Kerry seem rough-hewn. Kobach earned top undergrad honors at Harvard; won a Marshall scholarship to Oxford, where he picked up a political-science doctorate; got a law degree from Yale, where he was an editor of The Yale Law Journal; and did missionary work in Africa. He even won two Masters national rowing titles in the men’s double scull."

He could have added that Attorney Kris is also polite and unpretentious ... the complete package.

The money quote, in the Newsweek piece, comes from Kris himself: “You can’t have open immigration and a welfare state.”

Those type of comments - and his legal fights - have now netted the 'Chief Deporter' his very own $PLC exposé. Hot off the press! The Merchants of Slime even gave it a folksy title: "When Mr. Kobach Comes to Town."