Post-Draft Fun

                                       The 2013 NFL Draft is officially OVAH.

But this commercial is too cute (girly word!) not to post.

Real-life rookie sensation: Eric Fisher, a Chippewa and Everyman.

Chris Broussard: He Used the Word 'Sin'

How refreshing and bold.

Ya think Chris (an ESPN reporter) will back down and apologize once the 'tolerant' haters start asking for this modern John the Baptist's head?

Maybe not, given his post-statement.

Update: ESPN, however, is not ready for an outspoken Christian to come out of the closet.

Stossel in the Classroom: 2013 Essay Contest

For the third year in a row, I served as an essay reader/evaluator for John Stossel's (the investigative reporter) contest.

And for the 2012-13 school year, students, ages 13-18, were asked to write a 500-1000 word essay on the following topic:

In John Stossel's TV special and book of the same name, "No They Can't," Stossel makes the case that free people and free markets do a better job of solving problems than government. Do you think he's right? Why or why not?
The contest winners have now been announced.
First place went to Noelle Rutland, 17, who attends a public school in St. Petersburg, FL.
Second place was awarded to Chelsea Martinez, 16, who attends a private, Christian school in San Lorenzo, California.
Third place went to Madeline Peltzer, 14, a homeschooler from Arizona. Her essay on  'education monopolies' is quite the read!*

Congratulations to the winners, finalists, honorable mentions, and teachers.

Update: Stossel in the Classroom offers a free DVD - Good Intentions Gone Wrong - to educators.

*My way of complimenting the writer's intelligence.


Property Rights and 'Peasants with Pitchforks'

Last week Tom Rice, a former American history public school teacher, gave an interesting talk on the United Nations and Agenda 21 at the Emmet County fairgrounds bldg. in Petoskey, MI.

He explained that Agenda 21 is not a treaty, a law, or even an executive order. But that A-21, a byproduct of the radical environmental movement, is 'soft law.' That sounds appropriately European ... and anti-American.

But this 'sustainablility' movement - a witches brew of draconian zoning laws, international building codes, and perpetual conservation easements - has gained momentum due to a push by local public officials.

What I also found interesting was the high level of interest on the topic - about 100 (very attentive) people turned out to hear him on a weekday night for a nuts-and-bolts, two-hour presentation.

Before the talk, folks perused the New American magazines that Tom, et. al., brought. Nice to see people - at a public venue - not glued to a smart phone! Nice to also see them so concerned about property rights.


                                                               Part of Tom's speech ...


Sun. Inspiration: Collin Klein, Waiting on God's Will

Collin Klein, the Kansas State quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate and all-around clean-cut guy, was not selected during the 2013 NFL draft. Not in round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

However, it looks like his wish, to be an NFL player, may still come true.

K-Stated reports: "Interested teams began calling as soon as the draft ended, and he [Klein] was quickly presented with several quality options.

After evaluating them with his family and his agent, he decided to sign a free-agent contract with the Houston Texans.

'Everything happens for a reason,' Klein said by phone. 'I’m so happy to be able to compete and be a Texan.

Klein will soon travel to Houston and compete for a roster spot at the team’s rookie camp. He said the Texans are interested in him as a quarterback ... "

Read more here: http://blogs.kansas.com/kstated/2013/04/27/after-going-undrafted-collin-klein-excited-to-sign-free-agent-deal-with-houston-texans/#storylink=cpy

Here's part of his tweetCollin Klein @ckleincat7

I am so excited and honored to be given a chance to compete for the Houston Texans!

Great attitude!

About the photo: I snapped Collin at the Heisman press conference in NYC, Dec. 2012.

Religious QB Update: The fellow Collin is most frequently compared to has been released from the Jets. Canada, Tim?


The Multimedia Post: A Night at 'Les Mis'

The local Christian school presented Les Miserables: A New Drama. Below is the story I wrote about the play.

Some of the teen-aged cast members, including the lead, Jean Valjean (far right).

Maranda Ginop, the play's 22-year-old director. Ms. Ginop is a former homeschooler
and former math student of the Ironman.

Clip from the drama.

Here's Cortez Ellis, a North Central Michigan College student, giving an insta-review after Act 1.


Hello 'Pink' Moon

It looked so pretty, last night, that I snapped a photo.


Sunday Inspiration: When Homeschoolers do a play


Wyandotte, Michigan: Funny Oops

Cinco de Mayo blooper ...


Dr. Rouzier: Good Samaritan

Another acquaintance from my family's Amherst days made the news ...

Dr. Pierre Rouzier (pictured), the UMass/Amherst sports physician, was volunteering at the Boston Marathon (working triage) when the explosions occurred.

Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, and Dr. Rouzier was able to use his skills to comfort the afflicted.

Read the story here. It's quite the gripping (and heartwrenching) tale!

Anthony, the doc's son, was on my youngest son's Pop Warner football team.

Update: The doc gets interviewed by Jake Tapper of CNN.


Of Dodgeball and Orphans

As another squishy school board is cracking down on the'violent' game of dodgeball,
 it amounted to a subversive pleasure to attend a community-wide, bracket-style dodgeball tournament.

 (Click on article, if you want to read the story I wrote.)

Below are the photos I snapped of the silliness of (mostly) guys flinging and dodging pastel-colored rubber balls. Some of the participants donned fun, goofy get-ups. There was even a 'toilet bowl' championship game for the, uh, less gifted players. Proceeds from the tournament went toward a good cause - Central American orphans.

Oh, the violence, the violence ...

Purty colors.

Two members of the Hospitality Specialist team.

Requisite zombie.

A trio who were Rockin4theMan ... Man = God.


Winners of the Gold Toilet Bowl Cover - Psalms 91. (Yeah, that really is the team's name.)

Easy there, laddie. You wouldn't want to annoy the dodgeball police.


I Love a Good Gaffe by Know-it-All Journalists

Thanks to Larry K. for making me aware of this story about 'UMass/Amherst' winning the D-III national hoops championship (men).

Repeat after me, Anthony Lenahan, a Lord Jeff is not a Minuteman, a Lord Jeff is not a Minuteman, a Lord Jeff ...


The Iron Lady Rests

Ah, the classy Mrs. Thatcher. Perhaps the best and bravest female political leader the modern world has known.

Back in 1998, I heard her speak in Springfield, MA and wrote an opinion piece about how her visit attracted a throng of left-wing protestors. Jolly good fun!

Since I was 'pro-Thatcherite' (although, honestly, I did find her talk a little boilerplate), the letters of dissent came came fast and furious.

But this wasn't the first time I saw her in action.

My mom and I visited London (back in my salad days). We happened to walk by 10 Downing Street, as the prime minister - impeccably dressed - came out the door. I even managed to snap a photo, like a paparazzi.

 I should go dig the pix out of the basement and scan it and post it, shouldn't I? In the meantime, a video where the Iron Lady brilliantly rails against wealth redistribution, the European central bank, and the liberalism of the MPs in her midst.

Not Your Father's Vocational Education

My latest piece, for the Heartland Institute of Chicago, is about vocational education.


Education Reform in Egypt

Congratulations to Mahmoud Salama who was recently awarded a masters degree from Mansoura University located in Mansoura City, Egypt.

That's Mahmoud in the middle. We exchanged cordial emails, over the past few years, about home education.

Click on the photo to better see the actual title of his dissertation. 

Getting into the Big Dance Spirit

I'm not trying to provoke the Wolverines that live in my neighborhood ... especially with a little kitty cat to protect.


I'm just excited that my alma mater will be playing in the Final Four this weekend. 

Homemade! Can't you tell?