Taking a Summer Break ...

 ... as I am going on a little vacation to the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States of America.


Over My Head

Every summer a vendor comes to the city's public marina and flies (and sells) these gigantic kites. 


Over 3000 Archers at this Event

They are literally the "Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan," and they are among the best archers on the planet.

Read their story. Here's a photo of the group ...


Slightly Grumpy Post: Last Boat Festival (I'm attending) for the Summer

My latest boat watching event was the Venetian Festival in Charlevoix.

I do like the Chinese lanterns, but are they a fire hazard?

The highlight of this event was the nighttime boat parade. Campy, but pretty.


How's your Monday starting out?

The future "Dr. Lyman" getting psyched to watch knee surgery at a Virginia hospital.


Lavender and Cherries ... and Colorful Produce

Scenes from the Petoskey Farmers Market


Buying Locally, Organically

A few items from our local Farmers Market: