Bill of Rights for Air Travelers

My realtor, Mac, appears at the 0.31 mark in this commercial which promotes Lakeshore Express Airways.


Sun. Inspiration: Of Merry Hearts & Shock Absorbers

Chaplain Jesse of Truckstop Ministries explains a spiritual truth by employing a practical example: "Life without joy is like a vehicle without shock absorbers. A vehicle's shock absorbers are designed to cushion the vehicle from unexpected bumps in the road. Without them, the vehicle would fall apart from the violent blows encountered during its travels.

People are often the same way.

As we travel on the road of life, most of the time we are not looking for bumps or potholes. So when they suddenly show up, we're not ready for them. The Holy Spirit — our God-given 'shock absorber' — cushions the blow until we can readjust and adapt our thinking to accommodate the sudden change in the ride. Joy is to life what shock absorbers are to vehicles. It won’t take the potholes out of the road, but it sure makes the ride smoother. Laughter and joy are the shock-absorbing cushions of life and can radically change our perspective."

John 16:33 " ... but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." (KJV)


UMass/Amherst In the Big House

Today, at 3:30.

Will the Minutemen prevail against the Wolverines? Uh, no. In fact, QB Mike Wegzyn might consider Tebowing, like, right now.

Update: Michigan 63, Massachusetts 13

Saturday Sighting: Structures of Note

Earlier in the week, I boarded a ferry to Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed - only horses and bikes. Once a year big shot politicos converge on the island. (They attend a policy conference at the Grand Hotel.)

While I wasn't charmed by the messes the hard-working horses made in the streets, I did like the variety of architecture I saw.

Like the Round Island Lighthouse. What a setting!

Notice the roof made of bark on this historic property located near downtown Mackinac Island.

This palatial Victorian has a water view.

Mackinac Island in the distance.

Back on land, near Mackinaw City, I checked out the McGulpin Point lighthouse. Here's what it looked like, before it was restored.

And this contemporary beach house at The Headlands, a dark sky park. Rent it for your group, and spend a weekend stargazing.

The upside of living in an underpopulated resort area is that there's always something interesting and pleasant to see, either made by God or by man.


Friday Fun: A Grouse Stops Traffic

The few grouse I've accidentally encountered, in the northern Michigan woods, are always skittery and jittery. But this one stood still long enough to let me snap a photo (through a car window).


Young Life Hearts Kids

My profile of Cory Gibson and the Little Traverse Bay Area Young Life chapter.

(Click on the photo, so you can better see the message on Cory's tee-shirt.)

Crossposted at Northern Michigan Daily News.


A Tree Grows in Lynchburg

When I was in Lynchburg, VA this past summer, I noticed this simple plaque on a lawn near my son's apartment building.

Here's the tree that was planted "in memory," a tasteful way to remember 9-11.


The Third-Generation Photog

The Ironman's co-worker's photographer wife rates a nice write-up in the local paper.

And what a great photo of Jana!


Sunday Inspiration: Sara Weaver

A couple of years ago I wrote about Randy Weaver's eldest daughter for the Belgrade News.

So I was interested to learn that Sara Weaver Balter has written a memoir of sorts. In From Ruby Ridge to Freedom: "Sara shares her family memories, life struggles, life lessons, personal family photos, the days of the siege where she lost her mom and little brother, and most importantly, her message of forgiveness."

When I interviewed Sara, who is married and has a young son and lives in Montana, she shared that she has indeed forgiven the federal government agents responsible for the death of her loved ones at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Apparently she continues to have the 'peace that passes all understanding'. Sara has eschewed bitterness. She has chosen wisely.


Saturday Sighting: A Little Brown Toad

Another day, another cute squatter in my planters.

Brownie has bonded with the flamingo ornament; must be pining for a Turks & Caicos vacation.

Rent Fake Paparazzi & Bodyguards, Don Some Shades

And, you, too, can be an overnight sensation. Here's the story of how an average guy named Brett Cohen effectively punk'd a few folks in NYC by pretending to be a celeb.


Friday Fun: It's Not Easy Being Small

Earlier in the week, I discovered this mini frog sitting so still (on the solar light that's inserted into one of my garden planters) that I mistook 'Kermit' for an ornament.

Must be a patriotic sort as Kermit returned to the same spot, yesterday.


Off Till Tuesday

May your Labor Day be a restful one. I'm so glad the fall-like weather is starting to arrive!

Mid-morning update: My friend, Larry Kelley, just appeared on Fox and Friends, so I had to post this video of his interview. Did you enjoy the limo ride down to the Newton studio, Lar?


Saturday Sighting: Wall of Cups

Photo snapped outside Roast & Toast