Pro-Life Halloween Artistry

The American Life League suggests that interested activists make a powerful statement, today, with candle-lit pumpkins, as they greet trick-or-treaters.

This is a certainly a unique way to carve a jack-o-lantern, no? Very evocative.

National Treasure: The Wizard of Oz

My pretties, the 70th anniversary celebration of an American movie classic is coming up. From Wikipedia: "The film also has been deemed 'culturally significant' by the United States Library of Congress, which selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry in 1989." Everything about this film is a "ten" from the acting to the special effects to the plot to the songs ... Toto lives on! The Wicked Witch isn't dead!


God, Gardasil, Sexism, and Deportation

Last month I wrote a newsfeed about a British-born teenager who lives in Florida with her beloved granny and who has been unsuccessfully challenging the controversial Gardasil vaccine requirement that USCIS mandated for young ladies last year.

Poor Simone Davis.


Nobel Prize Winner Was Homeschooled

Forget President Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace. It's one of the scientists who won this year's Nobel Prize for Physics that should have garnered more attention. Why? He was a home scholar.

Yes, indeed.

Willard S. Boyle, who is Canadian and grew up in a logging community where a dog sled was the transporation mode of choice, was taught at him by his mother until he reached the high school years.

Here's more and also here.

Finally, Dr. Boyle's phone interview with Adam Smith, editor of Nobelprize.org, where he mentions his education.

Congratulations, Dr. Boyle!

While we're on the topic: This exchange - priceless!


Snobby Amherst Hearts Terrorists

Cartoon courtesy of my buddy, Larry Kelley, who has more on this goofiness.

FYI: I was the 'token' conservative (translation: pro-American sovereignty) columnist, for many years, in the Hampshire County (where Amherst is located) daily newspaper. It was a really nice gig even though the paper's viewpoint, just like the geographic area, is predictably left-of-center. My opinions so clashed with the status quo that letter-to-the-editor writers told me to move. As in, 'we don't want your kind here.' La di da.

So much for tolerance, peace, diversity, 'stop the hate,' 'take back the night' campaigns, and all that fruit and nuts and granola jazz.

Update: The Wall St. Journal blogger is not impressed with this fuzzy-wuzzy gesture of hospitality.

Another update: Wimps!


Come on Down! Gitmo Detainees Wanted

One for Ann Corcoran who operates the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog:

"Amherst (MA) officials voted in favor of offering the town as a possible resettlement home for two Guantanamo detainees, if they are released from the military prison.

The town’s five-member Select Board voted 2-1 Monday to endorse a warrant article filed on behalf of the two men by the group No More Guantanamos.

The resolution also called on Congress to lift a ban on relocating former Guantanamo prisoners – even those cleared of wrongdoing – from resettling in the U.S."

Read the rest of the AP story here. More here.

Trick or Treat?

Don't try selling this costume on ebay. Or, anywhere else for that matter.

But this one is fine.

Update: A newsfeed I wrote about this silly controversy is here.


¿Estás listo para el fútbol?

On October 12th, the NFL joined the assault on the English language on Monday Night Football in Miami by featuring segments of the pre-game festivities and even the game itself in Spanish. This, to pay tribute to National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th. The referee made the first penalty call of the game in Spanish; ESPN announcer Mike Tirico introduced the game between "Los Delfines de Miami y Los Jets de Nueva York en el Estadio Land Shark"; and a flashy half-time "Celebration of the Americas" lauded Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian culture.

You can read all about the redcarpet-worthy festivities (entertainers Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan are minority owners of the Dolphin franchise), the game, and the interview with Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez (who says he is proud to be Hispanic) at NFLatino.com, powered by Univision, the enormously successful Spanish-language network.

Granted, one NFL game does not a revolution make. But it serves as yet another reminder that the struggle to maintain a national identity is being lost poco a poco.

That's cute: Colt McCoy's Latino fans have a creative nickname for him.

Update: I expanded this blog entry (and incorporated Rush Limbaugh's imbroglio attempt to become a minority investor of the St. Louis Rams) into a newspaper column. Go here.


Kobach Chats with Colbert

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Kris Kobach is running for the office of secretary of state in Kansas. He has made a name for himself defending cities which want to reduce illegal immigration (think Hazleton), as well as U.S. citizens who have mounted a legal challenge against policies that give in-state college tuition rates to undocumented students. He is also representing the Bologna family against the sanctuary city of San Franciso. Tragically, Tony Bologna and his two sons, Matthew and Michael were murdered by an illegal alien MS-13 gang member. Details here.

Patriotic immigration reformers couldn't ask for a better guy "on their side." Kris is a family man, Eagle Scout, foreign mission worker, constitutional and immigration law professor at UMissouri/Kansas City, outstanding litigator, and Ivy League grad.

He's also the kind of teacher that makes a lasting impression. One of of Kris' former students - Garrett Roe - now works with him at IRLI. Chévere!


Puerto Rico Statehood: Deal or No Deal?

Carol Helm, the fabulous founder of IRON, is alerting concerned citizens about the status of H.R. 2499, which is also known as The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009:

"Now out of committee and could be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote any day! It is a bill designed to lead to the admission of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico as our 51st state. The bill requires Puerto Ricans to vote on the issue of their political status again after they have rejected statehood in three nation-wide elections since 1991. But this time the plebiscite process is rigged in favor of statehood!

Please send your congressmen an email message and urge them to VOTE NO on H.R. 2499."

Eddie V. Garcia, who serves on the ProEnglish Board of Advisors, had a letter published in the New York Post on this very issue.

Tim Schultz, director of government relations for U.S. English, offers a brief podcast about the complications involved with admitting the 'first official bilingual state' into the Union.

Update: Check out "No to Puerto Rico Statehood" on Facebook.


Evan-Jellos: Viva Amnesty!

What is the Board of Directors of the National Association of Evangelicals thinking? Are they thinking?

Advocating for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the NAE wants us to believe that countless law-breaking, gang-joining, job-stealing, accident-causing, tax-evading (you get the idea!) invaders from across the border deserve a place at the American table. What they really deserve is a free ride/flight back to their homelands, where they can enjoy family and church life in their own languages and cultures.

The NAE resolution states: "National borders must be safeguarded ..." and then argures for just the opposite. And if "sanctity of the human person and the incomparable value of family" are really important to them, let them start with the American 'human persons' and families that have been injured by the illegal workers taking their jobs and drunk drivers that have taken the lives of their family members.

NAE, our workforce will be better off without the illegals, and their 'family reunification' should occur back in their countries.

For the alternative evangelical viewpoint on this issue, please read this column written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin who also recommends this video.

Update: Dr. James Edwards writes about migration and the Bible.

Update 2: Backlash from within the NAE on the resolution.