Update on the Wife of Rob Krentz

I have welcome news about Sue Krentz (regarding her accident) from an Arizona Cattle Grower's Association spokesperson: "At this time she is stable in ICU. She is heavily sedated to help her recovery. It appears everything will be ok all things considering." Godspeed, Mrs. Krentz.

Sue and Rob

Victim: The Michigan High School Student

Adam Nevells: " ... captain of the wrestling team, the goalie for water polo, a saxophone player in the marching and concert bands, a Life Scout with Boy Scouts of America and student-at-large on the Martin Luther Chapel council in East Lansing. He also participated in the school TV studio, filming board meetings and school events."

The accomplished Adam died on Sept. 4, 2009. He was 17-years-old.

The Saturn he was driving was hit by a pick-up.

The pick-up was driven by Valeriano Acosta-Bautista who was operating the vehicle without a drivers' license.

This year-old article (from the Lansing State Journal), about the accident, does not reveal the perp's immigration status.

But TCC can confidently inform readers that Acosta-Bautista is an illegal.

Why wasn't fact this reported? It's a question worth posing to the newspaper and the reporter, Dawn Parker.

Adam Nevells is one of the many victims of our official immigration policy that is so very wrong and so very dangerous. Very belated condolences to the Nevells family.

Sidebar: A Facebook page dedicated to Adam.

Photo: Adam in all his youthful glory.

Hat tip: Kevin & Wayne.


Flunking Afghan 101

Another very interesting column ("Chilling with Mullahs") by Diana West in which she writes about a very costly and unconstitutional government initiative that teaches U.S. Marines how to effectively socialize with stone-age village honchos in Afghanistan. Who knew that the few and the proud needed such a skill set?

Diana, however, isn't the least bit impressed.

She writes, "But, honestly, what would count as ice-breakers with a Pashtun tribal elder? In all likelihood he has several wives, some of whom are no more than children (in homage to Muhammad's child bride Aisha). He may well be a 'bacha baz,' which is the term for an older man who has a sexual relationship with a boy."

Ugh. Ugh. And, ugh.


Mini-Doc: How the Cartels Smuggle their 'Product'

A lucrative labor-intensive operation.


Sue Krentz Hit by a Car!

Just when it couldn't get any worse for this long-suffering family, comes the news that Sue Krentz, widow of Rob Krentz, was in a serious accident on Saturday as she was leaving a church in Douglas, AZ.

The Arizona Republic has the details: "Marcus Gonzalez, a Douglas Police Department spokesman, said Ramon Saucedo, 66, struck Sue Krentz and Shirley Gregory as they crossed the street about 6 p.m. Saturday outside St. Luke's Catholic Church, 1211 E. 15th St.

Police booked him into jail on suspicion of DUI, endangerment and aggravated assault, Gonzalez said."

How utterly awful! If you are so inclined, please remember Sue in your prayers.

Hat tip: Dr. Wayne


More Saturday Fun

Credit here.


In Lieu of Flowers ...

From a Rome, Georgia newspaper. (Click on the obit for a better look.)

Superficial, Unfunny

After a very brief experience picking produce, Comedian Colbert now hearts undocumented farm workers (or so he tells Congress members):

For the 'Bitter Clingers'

Wayne LaPierre, of the National Rifle Association, has written a thoughtful column, about immigration, for the American Hunter magazine. It's not online, but you can request a PDF copy.

LaPierre mentions that the family of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz appeared, recently, at an NRA meeting in North Carolina (and received a standing ovation). He writes, " ... if any single event has charged the public demand for true border security by citizens all across our nation, it is the murder of Robert Krentz." Absolutely!

In the piece, he also brings up a Sheriff Arvin West, of Texas, who was a guest on ABC's Nightline and had this to say, "The saving grace here in America versus Mexico is [that] Americans are allowed to arm themselves. Mexicans aren't. The bad guys don't know who can shoot back ... "

Here's more about the sheriff's 'arm yourselves' message.

Addition: Rob Sanchez has blogged about Sue Krentz's (pictured) recent interview with a Phoenix television station. Rob's widow made this shocking statement: “One time in eight days we had 500 border-crossers removed off the ranch. And they say, for every one they catch, two to three get away."

The Krentz property has been confiscated without due process, no?


Hispanic-Germanic Oktoberfest

Signs of the Times: In Springfield (Massachusetts), a favorite fall event gets an ethnic makeover. The fare will include pollo asado and potato pancakes. Uh, ok. Whatever. However, this could turn out to be a most appropriate venue for the Kardashians (pictured) and their dirndls.

File under: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

Loretta Contra Los Vietnamese

Here's my Big Journalism blog about Rep. Sanchez interview with Jorge Ramos of Univision.


Not Assimilating, Not in the Least

New column by Dave Gibson, the crime Examiner, about how unfettered, unprincipled immigration is giving way to another phenom: U.S.-based slavery.


If You Live near Rochester, Michigan

Jim could use audience support against the slew of Razistas.

The press release: "On Monday, September 27, 2010, Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad will join a diverse panel of immigration specialists to discuss the complexities of the immigration issue in the hopes of educating students and the community on the varying perspectives.

The debate will take place in the Gold Room, located in the Oakland Center, on the Oakland University Campus. The moderator for the event will be Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Assistant Director for Ethics, Services and Professionalism Dionnie S. Wynter, Esq.

Participants joining Commissioner Jim Runestad as a panelist will be Mexico Embassy Gral. Consul Mr. Vincent Sanchez-Ventura, the Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan Attorney and Counselor at Law for Garmo & Associates, P.C., Ms. Caterina Amaro, Immigration Attorney Ms. Mayra Lorenzana-Miles, and Oakland University professors: Dr. Alan Epstein, Dr. Emmett Lombard and Dr. Laura Landolt.

For more information, contact Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad at 248-802-5500."

FYI: Jim has successfully enacted the federal e-Verify policy in the county he serves.

Debate website is here.

People as Economic Units: That's so ChiCom

This is how the big-government 'conservatives'* at the Weekly Standard think: "Today there are 26.6 million legal immigrants living in America and roughly 11.3 million illegals. We need these workers to prop up the entitlement programs we’re no longer having enough babies to fund.

In order to keep Social Security and Medicare running, we need a stable ratio of workers to retirees. If we were to keep the ratio at the present level of three workers for every retiree—already lower than it has ever been—America would need to add 44.9 million new immigrants between 2025 and 2035.

If we wanted to keep the ratio at 5.2 workers for every retiree—about what it was in 1960, before the collapse of our fertility rate—we’d need to import 10.8 million immigrants every year until 2050. At which point the United States would have 1.1 billion people, 73 percent of whom would be the descendants of recent immigrants."

From an article called "America's One-Child Policy."

*Brainwashed lemmings who can't bring themselves to argue for downsizing government and for cutting entitlements.


US v Arizona

State Senator Russell Pearce opines about the ongoing legal war that the Obama Administration is waging against Arizona (translation: SB 1070 and Sheriff Joe Arpaio).

Writes Sen. Pearce, "Shortly after the investigation began, Obama’s buddies at the Arizona Republic found that 68% of those arrested in his (Sheriff Joe) sweeps against illegal aliens were Hispanic, and touted it as proof of racial profiling. Yet according to the Pew Hispanic Center, over 90% of illegal aliens in Arizona are from Mexico alone. I guess math isn’t their thing, or the truth!

Sheriff Joe is not racially profiling, he is simply enforcing the law."

Facts are stubborn things, as President John Adams observed.

Tricorne Hat Tip: Dr. Wayne


Getting the Thugs Off Our Streets (But Not Out of Our Country)

Dave Gibson (pictured), an Examiner who covers crime in Norfolk (VA), just posted a column about a rape and abduction in Virginia Beach. He writes: " ... two illegal aliens allegedly abducted a woman at knife point as she walked to her car in the 2100 block of Pacific Avenue.

According to police, the suspects forced the woman into their SUV and took her to another to location, where she was sexually assaulted. They then drove to a convenience store, where the victim escaped and called police."

Two suspects - Carlos Hernandez and Santiago Hernandez - have been arrested in conjunction with this heinous crime. They are being held in a Virginia Beach correctional center without bond.

Thank you, Dave, for bringing this 'immigration's human cost' story to our attention.


Middle East Fashion Statements

These Indian-style tunics are lovely, inexpensive, and comfortable.

But swimming laps (or just splashing around) in this very cumbersome-looking outfit? Here are sesnible reasons why this modest outfit might be prohibited, by a lifeguard, at public swimming pools.

But American Kids Rank #1 in Confidence

File under: Let a thousand flowers bloom.

This documentary, which is a critique/expose of American public education, will debut on Sept. 24. (Some cheesy language in the trailer.)


In Brussels: Pro-Free West Rally Banned

Banned by Mayor Freddy Thielemans, a socialist.

But it occurs anyway ... here are members of a political group, Vlaams Belang, which supports an independent Flanders, showing solidarity with those who oppose the Ground Zero mosque cultural center rabat.


People of 'Color'

Bob (Parks) has fun at a Tea Party event. Best answer is at 2:55.


Smart Mama: Homeschooling as a Career

From the Heritage Foundation: "These days women get more bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees than men do. And yet many women don’t feel up to the task of educating their own children.

Never mind that we live in a country where women are brain surgeons, rocket scientists, CEOs and presidential candidates. Schooling is best left to professional educators, moms have been told for decades, so pack the kids onto the school bus and leave the rest to the real experts.

Contrast that with the “go-girl” themes that have saturated American culture since at least the early 1970s: Set your sights high. Be anything you want to be.

And that includes being your child’s teacher, educational entrepreneur Leigh Bortins says."

Leigh (pictured) actually parlayed her homeschool endeavor into a thriving business.

H/T: Brandon.

Update: While we're on the topic of home ed., this reporter lobbies for a moratorium on Tebow mania.

No! Not now! Not ever!

'Nother Update: This column, by Phyllis Schlafly, about Islamic and Mexican propaganda being taught as American history, is yet another wake-up call to concerned parents why alternatives to the K-12 public schools, remain of utmost important.


Sunday Inspiration: Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega

Meet the charming benefactress of a Juarez hospital.


(The Aptly-Named) Diana West Rocks

The definitive, last word on this Koran burning business. To cave, as Diana West (pictured) argues, is to give in to both Sharia Law and United Nations-style internationalists.

She brilliantly puts all the PC "fools" in their place. Do read. Do ponder ... in that West(ern) way.

Update: Not now, not ever, says the Pastor. How about prosecuting (if possible) the losers who sent the death threats?

Update: Stogie burns the Koran. Pastor Bret roasts s'mores over his smokin' Koran.

Following the Money ... to Virginia

Looks like all the cash that the MinutemanPAC receives goes to a professional fundraiser, located near Washington, D.C., not to worthy candidates campaigning to build a border fence.

Jim Gilchrist? Chris Simcox? What say you?

"Arizona's Fight, America's Fight"

This $3 booklet (pictured) was recently published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. In addition to a glossy, colorful cover, it features a pair of essays by Victor David Hanson and Ralph Peters. There is always plenty to nitpick when a true-blue neocon like VDH chimes in. But, to be fair, when it comes to the peculiar problems associated with mass immigration, the man frequently gets it.

He writes, "The United States might have assimilated 100,000 new illegal arrivals, or dealt with a resident community of 2-3 million Mexican nationals. But the sheer volume of new arrivals and the enormous size of the existing alien population have resulted in virtual Mexican cities and towns all around the American landscape. In California, a Redwood City, Orange Cove, or Mendota - and dozens like them - are virtually Spanish-speaking unassimilated enclaves. Yet assimilation and integration require daily conatact with the so-called 'other.' ... today a Mexican national can live in America nearly as if he were in Mexico. The host has lost confidence in its own values. The old notion of the desirability of the melting pot has long passed."


I Don't Think So, Pal

Notice how no one fears a violent Christian backlash, in the West, with such displays of blasphemy. Why? Because Christianity, not Islam, is the religion of peace.

Photo Hat Tip: James Fulford

" ... so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth ... " Philippians 2:10


Dissenters Being Sent a Message

Diana West, a very fair journalist, lists the financial penalties that Pastor Terry Jones (and his congregation) have incurred for the Koran he didn't even burn.

Weird and scary.

No wonder he caved.

Maybe he should burn a constitution in protest.

But no one would care.

Update: Did Rush conveniently forget he attended high school with the preacher?

Media Circus: Now, he's reconsidering - Pastor Jones, that is, and more folks want to burn, baby, burn. See Drudge for the latest. Larry Auster: "I'm Terry Jones!"

Revisiting Ruby Ridge

Ever wonder what became of the former Green Beret Randy Weaver who had that terrible confrontation with federal agents in northern Idaho? The so-called standoff where his wife and young teenage son were murdered?

Randy now lives in northwestern Montana, and one of his daughters, Sara Weaver-Balter, has been speaking to the media, about her emotional ordeal.

Sara (and her family) received a $3.1 million settlement from the federal government. Randy, according to this Sandpoint, Idaho newspaper, "has only forgiven those who have admitted the truth, including four or five public officials who testified in court and a few others who later asked for forgiveness. That group, Weaver said, doesn’t include FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi or U.S. Marshal Larry Cooper and Art Roderick — the men responsible for the shootings."

Joe Farah wrote a graphic column about Horiuchi's 'handiwork' that will make you understand why he still feels this way.


On a Clear Day ...

My Belgrade News column, which mentions the 'mosque' controversy near Ground Zero, is up.

The column is mostly about two bright twenty-somethings - Jessica Sachs (right) and James Gadiel (left) - who were killed on 9-11. Jessica worked as an accountant in Boston and was on board American Airlines Flight 11 when it crashed into the World Trade Center tower - that James worked at as an assistant trader.

Sidebar: An entirely different way of remembering 9-11. As this.


Have a Restful Labor Day

TCC will return on Tuesday.

Be sure to check out the latest BLS' unemployment numbers for August.

Fun Fact: Over a hundred years ago, Peter J. McGuire, a union honcho, came up with the idea of creating a holiday honoring those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold."

I think 'rude nature' was McGuire's way of saying 'of humble origin.' But while he was absolutely right, why do government employees (who create nothing) get to take the day off?


It's Just Art ... Or, Is it?

A Fox News columnist - James Pinkerton - writes of Machete, "The ending of the film, in fact, is a sort of mini-race war, a sort of 'Mad Max' - like re-enactment of the Alamo, with the Mexicans, of course, winning once again - although this time, there are no noble defenders to be found."

But another movie critic - Alexis Gentry - concludes, "The empowering story will make you wish it was more than just a film ..." Huh? This airhead reviewer wants the human slaughter aspect of this pro-illegal immigrant flick to become a reality??

While the usual suspects praised Machete, they were also upset at this provocative editorial cartoon of the Mexican flag (click on it to see it better) which makes a strong statement about how tragic (according to the cartoonist) are the casualties of the ongoing Mexican drug war.



Sex Tape Nation

This, if remotely true, is sad. Such fame-chasers.

Trade in that Desk Job

The one and only, Dr. Camille Paglia (pictured), argues that more twenty-somethings should be encouraged to work, not with their heads, but their hands. As she writes, in Revalorizing the Trades: "The pressuring of middle-class young people into officebound, paper-pushing jobs is cruelly shortsighted. Concrete manual skills, once gained through the master-apprentice alliance in guilds, build a secure identity. Our present educational system defers credentialing and maturity for too long. When middle-class graduates in their mid-20s are just stepping on the bottom rung of the professional career ladder, many of their working-class peers are already self-supporting and married with young children."

Read the whole essay - it's a gem!


Desperate vs. Desperate

The New York Times writes about dialysis and illegal immigrants in Georgia. The opening graf/salvo: "Thirty-eight end-stage renal patients, most of them illegal immigrants, would receive the dialysis they need to stay alive at no cost under a rough agreement brokered Tuesday among local dialysis providers and Atlanta’s safety-net hospital, Grady Memorial."

Please listen to the other side of the story ... the plea of a desperate health care provider from Florida:

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