Oct. 31 Activism, Sightings in Northern Mich.

A few photos from the Take America Back/Get Out the Vote rally held, today, at Petoskey High.

I handed out free (intellectual) treats, so voters and concerned citizens won't be tricked (into supporting lawless policies). A "Dan Benishek for Congress" campagin worker kindly provided me with the card table.

Mr. Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, was the keynote speaker. He took a copy of "The Victims of Illegal Immigration" and said he appreciated its compact size.

Ms. Krista Branch, of Bixby, Oklahoma, is a former American Idol contestant. At my request, she graciously posed with this bumper sticker. (Mr. Mark Costello is my former Edmond, OK next-door neighbor.) Her signature song is "I Am America." Go here to listen.

Update: JennerationX's field report, about the rally, with lots of photos.

'Nother Update: Red Dirt Report says that Mr. Cain was wildly popular when he visited OKC.

BOO! Happy Halloween!

My local newspaper conducted a poll asking folks: How old is too old to trick or treat? The answer offered by a three-year-old is adorable. Go here.

Sun. Inspiration: Surfer Dude and Bible Scholar

See: The high-energy Dr. Dave Black teaching Greek in Addis Abba at the Evangelical Theological College. He informs his attentive pupils that "language is mathematical." Dr. B, who grew up in Hawaii, is a passionate teacher whose life motto could be Iēsoûs Khristòs Theoû Hyiòs Sōtē’r.


Raza Studies: I Came, I Lied, I Griped

Digger's Realm wrote a very thorough review about the textbooks of "Raza studies." The curriculum used in the Tucson Unified School District can be summed up thusly: USA is the bully. Mexico is the picked-on underdog.

Raza Studies stirs up students, especially those with anti-American chips on their shoulders, with incendiary rhetoric and flat-out lies.

For instance, I was perusing Chapter 12 of Occupied America: A History of Chicanos (fifth edition) by Rodolfo Acuña - the section called the 'Militarization of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.' Writes Acuña (offering zero evidence) about a period in 1953 when one Joseph Swing was appointed INS commish: "Local police actively supported the INS. During the raids, U.S.-born citizens became entangled in the web. Every brown person was suspect. The INS agents searched homes illegally, and they seized and detained U.S. citizens illegally."

Every brown person? Illegal searches? Puh-leeze.

Earlier this year the Arizona legislature passed HB 2281 which ended the Tuscon program. The law goes into effect on December 31st. However, an outfit called "Save Ethnic Studies" is suing to have the Raza Studies program reinstated. Jim Kouri has the details.

More education nonsense: A University of South Carolina prof will be offering a course called “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.” Professor Mathieu Deflem (pictured), who teaches sociology, says the "class will encompass multiple readings about music, pop culture, sex and gender, among many other topics." If you think this is a waste of taxpayer funds and believe a mind is a terrible thing to waste, please write to the prof and tell him so, at deflem@sc.edu.

Update: Eagle Forum on "Texas Rejects Islamic Bias in Textbooks."


In Georgia: Gathering of the Clowns

Spicy column by D.A. about a 3-day immigration conference currently being held at Kennesaw State University. Mr. King states: "It is worth the trouble to go online and read the KSU conference 'schedule of activities' for other headings for oh-so-enlightened presentations. My favorite title is 'Mayans, Mexicans, Public Policy, Applied Anthropology and the limits of Highway Safety in the Suburbs.' (Alan LeBaron, a KSU professor). I am not making any of this up ... honest."

LeBaron (pictured) even teaches an immigration class to gullible young people.

Read the rest here, and check out D.A.'s suit. Natty!

Desiring Strict Moral Structures and Community ....

... well-connected British femmes, like Tony Blair's sister-in-law, are turning to Islam.

The trend seems faddish and, oddly, a way to get a different kind of attention. Below is the author of From MTV to Mecca. Isn't this a rather worldly way to market your newfound faith?

Several years ago, Jemima Goldsmith Khan, the British socialite and billionaire's daughter, famously became a Muslim when she got involved with Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricket player. The pair divorced, and Jemima went on to have a fling with Hugh Grant, the actor and hedonist.


Explosive: New Jersey 'Teachers' "Gone Wild"

James O'Keefe (of The Project Veritas) and his team go undercover to expose what New Jersey public school teachers and union members, who have gathered at a leadership conference (supposedly the creme de la creme), really think about their cushy jobs, their young charges, and their governor. Warning: Bad language, vile attitudes, and jerks passing themselves off as teachers.

Gov. Christie likes the O'Keefe video. He calls it "enlightening" and "enraging."


Dingy Harry's Nemesis Latest Ad Against Illegals

This woman doesn't mess around.

Workers' Comp Rates: National Study

The Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services just released its biennial study of national workers' compensation rates. It's available here.

According to the study, Montana has the country's highest workers comp. premium - $3.33 for every $100 of payroll. North Dakota has the lowest - $1.02.

The Montana Chamber of Commerce head - Webb Brown - is displeased with the report. Brown complained that the high premiums hurt "wage levels and Montana's image as a business-friendly state." Guess he'll have to speak with the Big Sky state's Labor Commissioner Kelly to determine if they can work together to enact reform.

In Oklahoma labor commissioner candidate Mark Costello is running on this plank: "I will advocate meaningful reform of the Oklahoma workers' compensation system where the injured are appropriately compensated and rates are reduced on those who produce jobs, the employer."

Oklahoma rated a high #4 ($2.87) on the Oregon study.

As you can guess, awarding workmens' comp to injured illegal immigrant 'employees' elicits criticism from immigration restrictionists. More here.


The Hispana Who Might Become Governor

Punchy opening from Counterpunch: "She's a tough-talking New Mexico state prosecutor whose zeal for catching and deporting illegal aliens rivals that of Joe Arapaio, the Arizona county sheriff who's come to symbolize America's resurgent 'nativism' toward immigrants.

But she's not likely to be the target of a Justice Department lawsuit anytime soon. Democrats are too busy trying to keep Susana Martinez (pictured), a 50-year-old mother of five -- and a staunch Tea Party Republican and one of Sarah Palin's proudest 'Mama Grizzlies' -- from getting elected the first female Hispanic governor in U.S. history."

Susana's ancestors are from Spain. She's an elected district attorney and a pro-business social conservative.

Here's her YouTube channel.


Sun. Inspiration: Shower of Ginger Ale

In deference to Josh Hamilton, a born-again Christian and recovering alcoholic, the Texas Rangers poured bottles of a soft drink on their pitcher, instead of champagne, when the team clinched the ALDS title.

Now they are headed to the World Series.


From Rage to Responsibility to Celebration

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson started BOND (a mentoring ministry for young men) twenty years ago. It's celebrate-this-anniversary time!

On hand to honor Jesse (at a fancy dinner) were Pat Boone, Art Thompson, and Barbara Coe of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

Congrats to Team BOND for reaching this milestone!

Immigration Reform Lingua

Acquaint yourself with an emotion-driven campaign, by ColorLines (an online community and magazine), to make the i-word (illegal) obsolete.

In contrast, below is an intellectual explanation, about the words that are used in the current immigration debate, from Margaret Sands Orchowski, Ph.D.

In The Politics of Immigration Reform, she writes, "To be in the country illegally is a misdemeanor; to overstay one's visa is a civil offense; but to use a false identity document to secure employment or publicly funded benefits is a felony, and illegal immigrants are not exempt. Many illegal immigrants who work unlawfully in the United States do so by using false social security cards, driver's licenses, or green cards, which raises their acts to felony offenses, making them highly deportable."

Regarding the term 'undocumented': "it is disingenous and dangerous for immigrant advocates and Democratic civil Libertarians to encourage illegal immigrants to think it is acceptable to commit a felony, just because the term sounds nicer and is more politically correct than the word 'illegal.' Catholic immigrant advocates often say that 'no person is illegal,' but, of course, that's disingenous spin. The term 'illegal immigrant' refers only to a person's immigration status."

ColorLines' Campaign Supporter


Friday Fun: Kurt Warner Ballroom Dances

A charming performance (to the tune of "Bewitched") by the former NFL QB; he has nice chemistry/rapport with Anna, the pro dancer.


"Maybe It Does Take a Rocket Scientist"

Talk about a catchy slogan! Meet Ruth McClung, a young physicist, who is running against Congressman Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva.

Gabby, who I wrote about here, supports Ruth.


Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, RIP

The pro-life movement lost one of its most articulate champions this past weekend with the death of Dr. Mildred Jefferson (pictured) who was 84 years old. A true pioneer, she was involved with the national right to life movement before Roe v. Wade became a Supreme Court decision. She was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical school and was also a sometime political candidate.

She is known to have said that the pro-life cause of the 20th century "is second only to the abolitionist movement in the profound change it has brought about in American thinking."


Sunday Inspiration: Ray Tranchant

Ray is a survivor, victim, patriot, and, now, advocate. He talks to Neil Cavuto about his late daughter, Tessa, and illegal immigrant crime.


Off Topic: Coz Variety Makes Life Spicy

It's Friday, and a fine day to think outside-the-box. One attempt: I pick on ESPN, The Magazine for their indecent and shameless 'body issue.' Here's the column.

And here's my piece about Flocabulary which features some raps.


Who's Who

This handy list of supporters of amnesty from the business, political and religious worlds, includes the usual suspects (e.g. ACLU and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) and some lesser-known ones (e.g. Society of American Florists and the National Association of Manufacturers). Check it out!


"The Victims of Illegal Immigration"

The Victims of Illegal Immigration is a booklet (which I edited) that contains 17 mini-essays by an eclectic coalition of concerned writers about individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted or who have paid the ultimate price with their lives, due to our country’s unsecure borders and unfettered immigration policies.

The stories are very sad; in some cases, tragic. They constitute the flip-side of the ‘but they only come here to work’ mantra. Among the contributors: Tom Tancredo, the former Colorado congressman, writes about Marten Kudlis, a three-year-old, who was killed (in an automotive accident) by an illegal alien who was a repeat offender; Jim Olson, of the Arizona Cattle Grower’s Association, remembers Rob Krentz, the Arizona rancher who was murdered on his property by a suspected illegal; Peter Gadiel, president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, honors his son, James, who worked as an assistant trader for Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center in New York City; Tamyra Murray, a Michigan construction industry worker, describes what it’s like to be undercut by ‘cheap’ illegal labor; and Ana Santana reports about a woman who was repeatedly raped and burned by a pair of dairy farm workers in Wisconsin.

A booklet hardly does the topic justice, in that there are countless numbers of Americans who are also victims and whose stories were not included due to space constraints (although they deserve to be). But, hopefully, it's still a tool to help broadcast the message that Americans have been hurt, are hurt, and will be hurt if we don’t seriously begin to enforce our immigration laws and uphold the rule of law.

Please email me (see "contact" page) if you are interested in a copy.


"The Making of a Bearded Marxist"

The controversial essay by Christine O'Donnell's Democratic opponent in Delaware. Shocker: Chris Coons was a diehard Republican. Apparently, exposure to the liberals at Amherst College (and a trip to Kenya) caused him to switch to the other team. (Side note: The current president of Amherst is named Anthony Marx.)

The Witch v. The Marxist. Only in America. But I'd take a free-market witch over a bearded (or non-bearded) Marxist any day.

Update: Rampant sexual abuse, by school teachers, in that country that Coons is so fond of referencing.

'Nother Update: Kristin Wiig, of Saturday Night Live, cutely spoofs the "I'm you" O'Donnell ad:

Yet 'Nother Update: Provocative commentary by Jack Kenny, about statecraft v. witchcraft. I comment at the end.


The Hick Gets Hip; Educators Not Amused

Flocabulary, the hip-hop curriculum, continues to underwhelm.

Public school teachers in an Oklahoma City district (which has spent a good chunk of taxpayer monies for the tuneful way of teaching social studies, vocabulary, and math to at-risk students) have complained about the material.

Specfically the contents of the history section which uses rap to educate indoctrinate this pool of students (which likely includes new immigrants) against 'old dead white men' (translation: former presidents).

Take this ditty about Old Hickory: "Andrew Jackson, thinks he's a tough guy./ Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky./ Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles./ Saying hello, putting Creek in the hell holes./ Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution./ 'No, Indians, I don't want you to live here anymore.'"

Simplistic and crude. Not fair to the dude.


Liberty of the Spirit

My interview/column with Sara Weaver-Balter (pictured), Randy Weaver's eldest daughter.

Now I'm off to an immigration conference, then a visit with my son. Be back to blogging late next week.