Meagan Leza Bell, 1985-2013

Yesterday I learned that Meagan Bell, a Massachusetts acquaintance, died in Haiti last week. She was in a minivan on her way to the airport when a truck collided with the van she was in. Meagan's dad, David Bell, was seriously injured in the crash. Terrible. Just terrible.

Once upon a time, Brad, Meagan's younger brother, played high school ice hockey with the youngest Lyman child. The Bells hail from South Africa and arrived in Amherst, MA, sixteen years ago to pursue the academic life. They are a lively family whose company we always enjoyed. Independent thinkers, too. (I quoted Dr. Bell in this article.)

Brad, himself, made waves when he elected to play field hockey with the gals. (Here's a New York Times story as to why that occurred.) I remember standing near Meagan, while watching Brad dash around in a skirt at a Smith College field. I also remember sitting with her at ice hockey games.

She was described by a western Mass. reporter as having "special needs" due to the meningitis she contracted as a toddler. But Meagan was just special - an exceptionally friendly, sincere person.

To think she was in Haiti doing a good deed and fulfilling a dream.

RIP, Meagan. My condolences to Dave, Bev, and Brad.

Smiling Meagan

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