N.J. Taxpayers to Gov. Christie: What are we paying you for?

The Chris Christie aficionados, who think he's such a hot tamale, need to read this article by the New Jersey Watchdog about all the double-dipping going on, among state employees, thanks to the NJ's Attorney General's office.

Here's the relevant sentence regarding the sleazy retiring and rehiring:

"A New Jersey Watchdog investigation in December revealed 23 of the Attorney General’s investigators and supervisors have collared $14 million in retirement pay —an average of $600,000 each — while still working for the Attorney General. Like Gilbert, two-thirds of them retired for one day or less."

Here's the other relevant sentence: "The revolving door of retired and rehired state employees is a controversial practice that drains money from the retirement system, already underfunded by $36 billion according to the State Treasury."

Well, so what have you been doing, exactly, Governor Christie? (Since you aren't doing anything significant about pension reform.) Bombasting?

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