Harsh My Mellow ... Mañana

The good news is that my PC's surgery was a success.

The bad news is that the weather has been so unusually mild that my synapses can't get fired enough to go into snark mode.

They are firmly stuck on mellow.

Consequently, I've been sighing at star-filled skies, enjoying seagulls make screechy noises, sleeping with the windows open, pouring over cross-stitch patterns, and basking in that glorious moment when those smart young Lehigh University Mountain Hawks politely kicked the foul-mouthed Coach K out of the tourney. Baby!

P.S. In keeping with the mood, the "Creativity Edition" of the Carnival of Homeschooling is up.


Kenneth said...

Should you wish to exit mellow mode and enter snark mode, just start following the news closely--guaranteed to cure mellow.

But, I recommend staying in mellow mode as long as possible ;-)

TCC said...

Can't hear you ... my wind chimes are tinkling as I strum my folk guitar.