Soy Americano, Tontos

Fox News/Latino reports that immigration-insensitive jeering, at a nationally-televised sports event, doesn't pay: "Looks like there are repercussions if you chant offensive stereotyped things at an opponent during an NCAA March Madness game, especially when the chant is 'Where’s your green card?' and you’re attending college on a scholarship.

The University of Southern Mississippi revoked the scholarships of five members of its pep band who took part in the 'heckling' of a Latino Kansas State basketball player at last Thursday's NCAA men's basketball tournament game.

The school announced Tuesday that the five students also were removed from the band and will be required to complete a two-hour cultural sensitivity training course this week."

The lad that was being taunted - Angel Rodriguez - is a Boricua, so the green card business doesn't even apply.

Meanwhile, Frank Martin, the Kansas State mens' basketball coach and the son of Cuban immigrants, is well-known for his volcanic verbal outbursts. He also got himself in trouble when he made physical contact with a player.

Watch Frank go into one of his rages.

Watch Frank talking dirty to his players.

Dontcha think it's quite unfair that Martin can, repeatedly, belittle his players and those silly, thoughtless Mississippi students weren't given a second chance for their one-time indiscretion?

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