The State is My Boo*

Behold Mr. Jones' rant against Katy Perry's newest music video. He started out strong complaining about feminism, agit prop, the glorification of violence, and the reality of life (for young women) in today's military. But he should have limited his spiel to ten minutes, as he starts to get carried away at the elevenish mark. Then, again, Alex always aims for tour de force.

If you want boilerplate, neoconnish, fake feminist commentary about Ms. Perry's artistic and physical efforts in making this vid, go here.



Kenneth said...

Sorry, but there is no image in the box. Besides, as a cultural curmudgeon, I have no clue who Katy Perry is.

But, even without access to the video, I certainly believe you that Alex Jones went over the top in it. That is his SOP.

TCC said...

Hmm. Try this link if you are really interested:


Ms. Perry is a popular pop singer whose other claim to fame is being married to actor/comedian Russell Brand, a Brit known for voracious appetite for nubile young things.

(More than you needed to know, CC.)

Kenneth said...

Thanks. BTW, the access problem was a Safari browser issue, which I have resolved by updating Flash. Apple isn't a big fan of Flash ;-)