Sunday Inspiration: AP Gets Schooled

I mentioned Frank Miele, editor of the Daily Inter Lake of Kalispell, last week.

And I'm going to mention him again.

Today (in his weekly Sunday column) he does an outstanding job exposing the hyprocrisy of the Associated Press and Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Miele writes: "But more importantly, reporter Matt Gouras’s primary witness against the 'Tea Party world' — Gov. Schweitzer — is himself an occasional resident of that wacky world. In fact, he has signed at least two state laws — on Real ID and intrastate firearms possession — that directly challenged existing federal regulations and called them unconstitutional.

In discussing the states’ rights movement with the Inter Lake editorial board just last year, Gov. Schweitzer emphasized state sovereignty and said, 'I think people in Washington are getting nervous now that some of the states are getting kind of uppity.'

Darn right.

So what has changed? Why was state sovereignty OK last year, but 'pretty toxic' this year?

That would have been a reasonable question for Matt Gouras to have asked our governor, but he never got around to it. And even though Gouras includes a reference to the fight against Real ID later in the story, he fails to mention that Gov. Schweitzer was one of the dangerous Montana 'wackos' who battled hardest to stop it."

Go here, to read more, and do circulate this one.

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