$outhern Poverty Libel Center: Loco as Ever

First, another lively, info-packed blog entry by the intrepid Richard Keefe, a one-man slime machine buster, about our amigos at the $PLC.

Second, Heidi Beirich, mediocrely-compensated female hack for the well-to-do Montgomery boys, has written a new 'report' - a Dirty Dozen list, if you will - which features 12 state legislators. All are Republicans who support the rule of law. Scandalous! Call the Enquirer!

Some of the lawmakers responded to Heidi's 'reporting' (which, incidentally, sounds eerily similar to the material the kids at the Imagine 2050 blog churn out).

Third, Robert Stacy McCain (pictured), who operates The Other McCain, advances the 'badge of honor' argument: "Basically, if you're a conservative and you haven't been denounced by Mark Potok [$PLC spokesperson] yet, you need to stop goofing off and get to work." Winning!

Fourth, a query to James O'Keefe: Could you get your tricky hidden camera and faux donors inside the Poverty Palace?

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