Friday Fun: Picking on a Forbes Blogger

Guest blog from Howling Hurricane ...

H.H. responds to this blog entry about homeschoolers and sports. It's titled, "Your Kid's Not Going Pro" by Bob Cook. Suggestion: Read B.C. first, so you will understand Howling Hurricane's response.

"As a father who homeschooled two sons, who played both public school and homeschool athletics, I am disappointed to read such a poorly reasoned and poorly written blog post by Bob Cook concerning the so-called Tim Tebow law being considered in Indiana. First, calling the people folks behind this bill 'knuckleheads' does nothing to enlighten interested readers. Second, not only do homeschoolers' property taxes go to education, but a good portion of all our other taxes do, too (as much as those who send their kids to government schools). Third, after attacking the bill and claiming it has 'practical problems,' Mr. Cook admits the bill addressed the problems. Kudos for the knuckleheads.

Mr. Cook needs to rethink this issue. Though there is only one Tim Tebow, every state should have a Tim Tebow law."

TCC Also Complains: Ol' Bob wrote his screed for Forbes. The limited liability company is far too preoccupied with billionaire watching to be concerned with what their bloggers are writing about homeschoolers. Tsk. And in addition to indulging in silly name calling, Cook also posted a gratutious photo of a Tim Tebow fan. Tsk.

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