Belgrade, Montana: National and Local News

My latest column in the Belgrade News is about hoopster Brandon Davies, the 6-9 forward at Brigham Young University whose hormones got him benched. Go here.

In addition: My editor at the BN, Andy Malby, has written a pair of articles about medical marijuana in Montana.

Number one is about federal agents conducting aggressive raids on a small number of dispensaries in Montana. Number two is about why they targeted these particular operations. There are over 4000+ MM caregivers registered with the state.

As is the convoluted case, marijuana is illegal under federal law, but the Obama Administration has stated that it would not prosecute medical marijuana distributors who "are operating legally." To date, fifteen states have approved the use of medical marijuana.

Michigan is one of them, and, as you can imagine, law enforcement and prosecutors are no fans of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. (Yeah, they spell it with an "h" in the Mitten State.)

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