Mike McCarville Goes All Mike Huckabee On Us

Veteran radio broadcaster and well-regarded central Oklahoma blogger (who I think is a Republican), Mike McCarville (pictured), has boldly aired a politically-incorrect complaint:

"The prude in me recoils at the thought of Unwed Pregnancy-Begets-Stardom as in the case of Bristol Palin who, with her mother, will be in Oklahoma City soon to speak at meetings of faith-based organizations. What, other than becoming pregnant out of wedlock, elevates this young person to the status of worth listening to? Celebrity built on immoral behavior leaves me cold."

Four possible responses to his comment:

A) Tasteless - what a curmudgeon!

B) Mike Mc, my man, you rock!

C) Yawn, it's the Palins.

D) That was tame compared to what Ron Black (another OK blogger who I think is a Republican) wrote about Miss Bristol.

People? A, B, C, or D?

Update: Talk about glamorizing single fatherhood! This Michigan state rep., who was marketed as one of those family-values Republicans, says he has no immediate plans to marry the momma of his baby (who is a former staffer of his).

'Nother Update: Edmund Burke: "It is written in the eternal constitution that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters."

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Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says ... Why can't everyone tell the truth like Mr. Mc did? Isn't this stuff obvious to folks? Or has the line between morality and immorality become too blurred? I really don't believe one can be a Christian conservative and condone (indeed, celebrate!) such bad behavior. Shame on those who continue to hold the Palins unaccountable!