Gimme Mo'

Well, lookee here. Augustana College, which is located in Illinois and has ties to Evangelical Luthern Church of America, has invited Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, to speak to the students, this week, at the college's "White Privilege Summit 2011."

A fine choice. Lawyuh Dees, of course, is an expert on the topic. How many white folks, after all, rate a 60-page spread of their fancy home in the Montgomery-Advertiser?

How many white folks run charities with a $200 million+ war chest?

How many white men have a trophy wife? (That's her in the clear coat.)

The college has also invited a 'masculinities' expert - Dr. Tracy Davis (in the photo) - to speak his mind at this summit.

This is a preview of what Dr. Davis will be addressing: "Contemporary discourses regarding men and masculinities are stagnated by an overly simplistic view of privilege and oppression, as well as 'essentialized' notions of identity. To more deeply effect change, educators need to tease out the subtle nuances of lived identities, intersections between identities, and contextual influences on the performance of identities. This session situates men's development within the socially-constructed contours of hegemonic masculinity. If men are not simply the agents of oppression (although this is one dimension), but also negatively impacted by it, men's investment in change takes on new meaning."

Uh-huh. Right, buddy. I think I'd prefer to listen to Dees yammer on about his phony hate map.

Some dare call this education.

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