Of Random Facts About Super-Sized Families

- An interview, with ParentDish, with the Duggars who discuss a new grandbaby, getting up at 6 AM to exercise, and volunteer work with the local fire department. Go here. (Reader advisory: I needed a nap after reading the q&a.)

- My favorite super-sized, fun-loving family - the Dortignacs (in the photo) - have updated their website. It's about time, now that there's grandbabies and son-in-laws and an Idaho gourmet coffee company to promote. Now if only the only the 'other Michelle D.' would post pizza recipes. Whatcha say, Mrs. D?

- Now these homeschoolers - the Wissmanns - I don't know, and they don't have a reality show. But they perform in Branson and exude that wholesome, all-American quailty.

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