Qué estupidez!

This past weekend, Sedgwick County (Kansas) Democrats held a "fiesta" mocking Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach and dubbing him the "Secretary of Hate."

Kris, as many of you know, is an immigration attorney who fights for American sovereignty and for victims of crime.

Look at the disrespectful photo they used to promote the fundraiser which was held in 'honor' of Sec. Kobach's birthday.

Here's how the 'Rats sold it: "We can think of no better way to help Kris celebrate his 45th birthday, than with a celebration of Hispanic culture. There will be Mexican food, piñatas, a mariachi band and speakers. Speakers will address Kobach’s dangerous policies of voter disenfranchisement, radical, expensive immigration reform and what this means for Kansas."

Donors who kicked in at least $50 were given a "Kobach Gringo" teeshirt.

One Kansas media outlet breezily described the Kobach hatefest as a "tongue-in-cheek party."

Call 316-262-7534, or email krinker@sedgwickcountydemocrats.com to complain.

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