CSI Northern Michigan: Real & Unglamorous

I am enrolled in a Criminal Investigation class at the local community college. It's taught by a working state trooper - Michael Sysko - who is the polar opposite of a stuffy academic. Mike favors off-the-cuff lectures, zany jokes, and practical exercises. My fellow students (most who will be pursuing a career in law enforcement) are an unusually attentive, responsible bunch.

When we're not lifting fingerprints, we're looking at crime scene photos. The latter, admittedly, is not for the squeamish.

Yesterday, class was cancelled because our teach was busy arresting and busting up a shoplifting ring involving seven miscreants, ages 17-39, who were scamming area Walmarts.

Ze mug shots of the Seven Thieves ... not the Brady Bunch, eh?

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Kenneth said...

Actually, they do look like the Brady Bunch. At least compared to the photos of the perps in the Greater Springfield, MA area. ;-)