Fodder for Big Education*

A fella hired to be the Kennesaw State University provost turns out to be an out-of-the-closet Marxist. The uproar (probably among the more conservative factions of Cobb County, GA where the school is located) over the disclosure resulted in Timothy Chandler (in the photo), a Brit, withdrawing "his acceptance of the position."

He would have earned $229,000 as KSU's number two educrat.

The first page of the controversial paper (25,000 words!) where Dr. Chandler reveals his fondness for Karl M. is here. El mucho gobbledygook.

The anti-capitalist references are cited here.

Kent State University where Dr. Chandler is employed is happy he won't be leaving Ohio, since the administration apparently prizes overpaid Marxists who churn out gobbledygook.

The other KSU, however, is relieved that Dr. Chandler is no longer a player.

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