1 in 8 Chance to Get Accepted into Amherst College

Learn what it takes to get to live among the Marxists of Amherst, and be taught by them.

And would you believe the president of Amherst College is named Anthony Marx?

That's Tony in the photo.

HT: James F.


LarryK4 said...

Yes, Amherst College can afford to be overly snobby, err, I mean selective.

In addition to their $1.3 billion endowment they are also the largest landowner in the town of Amherst--almost all of it tax exempt.

Yet they rely on Amherst's expensive to maintain fire and ambulance service (police on occasion) but refuse to contribute annually a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes.

No wonder the rich keep getting richer.

Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says ... I think 'club' is a better word than 'college,' considering how much fun the lucky ones who get in actually have at the politically-correct, multi-culti, America-hating, anti-Christian campus. But I don't think it is much different at any of these snooty 'clubs,' whether it be small Ivy, big Ivy, or any other ivy --- they are ALL poison to the communities they are in and the students they attract.