Christian Bikini Babes in the Age of Snooki

My pieces about the Miss America pageant are here and here.

Now about those black bikinis ...

Some of the commentators, at the religious sites, are wondering how contestants (e.g. Teresa Scanlan), who enthusiastically embrace their conservative Christian upbringing, can also embrace such a public swimwear contest. (Although sashaying around in a bathing suit, high heels, and heavy make-up, in the Miz A, is now described as a 'lifestyle and fitness' competition or a stepping-stone to becoming the next Sarah Palin.)

Go here and here and here for a small sampling of those opinions.

Given what 1 Timothy 2:9 commands of believers and what Proverbs 31:30 says about outward beauty, the modesty conundrum is a legitimate moral one to pose to any comely pageant participant who comes from a religious tradition, where women are called to dress and conduct themselves in manner that, shall we say, isn't distracting the male species, or that screams "I, I, I."

This was an issue - rightfully so - when the beautiful Muslim woman from Michigan - Rima Fakih - won a title and a crown.

Or, when the media exposed the fact that Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA and a student at Christian college, had cosmetic surgery.

For me - as a current events observer - Miss America 2011 was a newsworthy example of today's zeitgeist, in the same way that a particular Super Bowl game or an American Idol segment might be.

However, as someone who also desires a cultural renaissance and less bread-and-circus, the mass media entertainment phenomenon (and I include pageants in that) isn't really my cup-o-latte. It's geared to produce economites, crass consumers, and hedonists-lite.

But before you think I went all fire and brimestone (or satirical) on ya, please note that I while I think 'the way is narrow,' I also wouldn't want to live in a society or a country where such crowd-pleasing private-sector events are banned.

And that's why I believe - strongly - in immigration reform. Because I don't want to see any American cities transformed into Birmingham, England which has become a closed society where women are considered chattel.

For a Free West.

In the photo: The new Miss America 2011 acknowledging her Creator.

Update: The Oklahoman notices the homeschooling connection.

'Nother Update: Miss Idaho, a Mormon, elected to wear a one-piece bathing suit.

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