They Subsidize Horses, Don't They?

Subtitle: Frederic Bastiat is rolling in his grave.

Below is an interesting video/news story about how the federal Bureau of Land Management gives Oklahoma rancher Ladd Drummond about a million bucks to care for wild horses. Drummond wah-wahs that he only makes a $100,000 'profit' for all his labor. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okie) makes an appearance stating that the size of the herd needs to be reduced and that "we're just throwing money away," but doesn't say anything about why Fedgov is even in the business of subsidizing well-to-do-ranchers. Billionaire Boone Pickens' overly botoxed wife also makes an appearance. It appears that Rancher Drummond lives in Frank Lucas' congressional district. This is the same rep. that the Cato Institute recently referred to as Frank Lucas, R-Farm Subsidies.

Ladd Drummond's wife, meanwhile, has quite the lucrative shtick going, incessantly photographing the horses and blogging about life on a "working" ranch, while having meet and greets with the (unsuspecting) taxpayers who help finance the fabled Drummond ranches.

What a Dallas TV series-like cast.

Take a listen (or a read):

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