Of Ice Fishing and Such

While perusing Hooks & Bullets magazine, my husband came across this photo of a gent named Dave Genz ("Mr. Ice Fishing") proudly showing off his "nice bluegill." Wid was appalled at the effort expended (and equipment used) - all to brag about catching such a 'puny' fish.

Come to think of it, Mr. Genz, that bluegill does look small enough (and pretty enough) to rate an aquarium.

These boys, however, did them some fishing even it was via the boring, non-snowmobiling way.

FYI: The 7th annual Cadillac (Michigan) Ice Fishing contest will take place on Feb. 5. Details here - Walleye, Rock Bass, Pike, and, of course, Bluegill. Yo, Mr. Genz.

More wintertime events here.

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