Weasly 'Conservatives'

KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories - Doak appointments

Very disappointing that the constitutionalist, Randy Brogdon (who I have defended here), has accepted this well-paying state government position. John Doak (pictured) - Oklahoma's new insurance commissioner who claims to be against ObamaCare - this man is a piece of work.* Click on the link; watch the video; hold them accountable.

*as opposed to 'what a piece of work is man'

More: The Gorilla's growl.

Update: In fairness, The Muskogee Politico allows former state senator Brogdon his say on this matter, and, I will admit, he does a decent job exonerating himself. However, he doesn't explain why he, a believer in small government with solid private sector experience, feels like he has to remain a government employee. Nor does he say why he's working for a department he really has no expertise in.

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