The Eggle's Eternal Perspective

A more innocent time for the Eggles. Kris, of course, is the handsome lad in the middle.

Bob and Bonnie Eggle, of Cadillac, Michigan and parents of the late Kris Eggle, sent out their annual e-holiday newsletter last month. They candidly shared the following thoughts with their many supporters and friends: "As we approach the 9th Christmas without Kristopher, memories flood over us when he and Jennifer were little and all the beautiful moments we had together. The loneliness is still with us, and the 'hole in our hearts' will never be filled, but days are easier now. More joy is felt by the three of us as we look forward and upward, knowing that as each day goes by, that brings us one day closer to our reunion with Kris."

If you are unfamiliar with the tragic circumstances surrounding Kris' untimely death at the hand of drug dealer, please go here.

Bob is a former Army Ranger. Bonnie is retired from teaching. Jennifer works for the National Park Service.

Kris in his park ranger uniform

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