A Sanctuary State No More

The new governor of Maine, who caused a kerfuffle with his remarks about Martin Luther King Day, has declared that the Pine Tree State will no longer be a haven for illegal aliens.

The AP reports: "In one of his first official acts, Gov. Paul LePage is issuing an order allowing officials in state agencies to question people with whom they come into contact about their immigration status, infuriating civil libertarians.

The Republican's executive order today rescinds one that had been issued by his Democratic predecessor, John Baldacci, that barred state officials from asking about immigration status. A LePage spokesman says the governor wants to send the message that with scarce state resources, he's putting Mainers first."

Here's that exec. order.

Trivia: Former governor Baldacci, btw, is a relative of the bestselling author, David Baldacci.

In the photo: Gov. LePage and his family ... cute doggie, splendid scenery.

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