Sunday Inspiration II: The Real McLankford

The New York Times offers a story on Oklahoma's newest congresscritter - a former camp director. My husband, who is a decent judge of character and camp counselors, has met James Lankford (pictured), and says he seems like the real McCoy.

Heeeere's James: "' In 2008, I had a real sense of calling,' said Mr. Lankford, who later that year resigned from his job to campaign full time. 'We described it as an unsettling. It was almost like God was telling me, ‘Get ready. Get ready.’

After a prayer journey, he said, he decided, in consultation with his wife, Cindy, to run for the seat that opened in the Fifth Congressional District in Oklahoma when Representative Mary Fallin decided to seek the governorship.

That it actually happened still seems to amaze him. 'I’ve been drawn out by the people that live among me, who are just like me, in my district,' he said. 'People ask me what are they like there, and I tell them, the House floor looks and feels like America. I’ve run into car dealers, attorneys, a funeral home owner and a pizza operator. I know it’s right, but I can’t believe it’s me standing here. It’s a bit intimidating. When I put that card in there and I vote, I am representing 750,000 people who sent me here and entrusted me to do the right thing.'

Among the many just like him — new, cheerful, happy to be on the Budget Committee — Mr. Lankford stands out. He is a tall, thin man with a wire-brush shock of cherry-soda colored hair and a look of permanent seriousness. He pays attention to rote proceedings rather than tapping at his BlackBerry (TCC note: HURRAH!) or chatting with the guy next to him. He sat for the entire reading of the Constitution on the House floor — not just the few lines he was assigned to read aloud — and already knew that 'call the question was a preliminary procedural vote because, he said, 'As crazy as it sounds, I picked it up at church business meetings, because lots of churches use parliamentary procedures.' ”

Doesn't sound crazy at all. Please stay, humble and teachable, Congressman Lankford, and the force will be with you.

Yo, Yoda!

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