They Distort, We Correct

An irresponsible headline regarding the shooting of Ms. Giffords, et. al. As the commentators are correctly noting, the rep. did, indeed, call for the presence of the National Guard on the southern border.

Sheriff Dupnik (pictured), leave our free speech alone!

Ms. Know-It-All journalist leave Arizona Second Amendment rights alone! Criminals are never, ever deterred no matter how tough the gun laws (or any laws are, for that matter) are.

(Unconstitutional) Homeland Security why are you using my tax dollars to monitor bogeymen? You are quite incompetent at it, anyway. 'Left-wing pothead' is how those who knew Loughner are describing him. One could add 'remedial left-wing pothead' given the level of math, he was enrolled in, at the community college.

What's with the skull shrine?

And shame on Fox News/Jennifer Griffin for their lame and, potentially, libelous reporting.

Update: Good commentary by Cliff.

'Nother Update: The WaPo clears the air about the DHS report.

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