Sun. Inspiration: The Harris Twins, Kirk C.

The age-inappropriate content of MTV's raunchy show "Skins" was recently criticized by the Parents Television Council. (Big Hollywood article about the PTC here.) One female cast member of the show - Sofia Black-D'elia - defended the whole sordid shebang by claiming "it's what teens are doing."

Not so fast, womanchild.

In the upbeat interview above, authors Alex and Brett Harris, chat about the teenage culture of 'low expectations,' as they call it, and their efforts to raise the bar. They are interviewed by former child actor/teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron who is a now father of six children and a born-again Christian. Kirk also runs Camp Firefly. More here.

Follow the $ Update: Several advertisers, including Taco Bill and GM, are fleeing 'Skins.'

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