Not Conned by Cons

Via a Fox News article: Several excellent comments by Mike Cutler, about efforts (by the usual suspects) to stop Haitian criminal aliens, from being deported.

Here's one: "If the countries from whence they came are hellish, then there is all the more reason why they should have stayed out of trouble!" Cutler told FoxNews.com.

Here's another: "You got into the life boat and now you're punching holes in the life boat? How much more stupid can you be?" he said. "We're being told about the human rights of the criminals what about the human rights of their victims? In clubs they have bouncers, and if you walk in there and start throwing bottles around they're going to kick you out. Isn't that what America should do?"

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) and Barbara Gonzalez of ICE were also quoted in support of our immigration laws. Thank you!

One of the 'hole punchers'

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