Amy Chua v. Amy Cross

Tiger Mother Amy Chua's controversial parenting style is rightfully described by David Brooks as "elite" and "upper-middle class." Hey, he should know. He writes for the New York Times. One of the products of all this 'intense' mothering - 18-year-old Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld (Amy's eldest) - wrote an essay defending her militant mom. Sophia actually sounds pretty mainstream liberal - like one of those high SAT overachievers that a college town, like Amherst, Massachusetts, regularly produces.

Now contrast all that to Amy Cross's parenting. Here's the result.

Mrs. Cross is too humble (and too busy with her other children) to mount any soapbox to tell folks why her mothering methods are better than anyone else's.

In the photo: 18-year-old Spencer Cross

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