Mammon Above All

Guest blog from Howling Hurricane: "America's ... reduction of life to economics and appetite gratification has increasingly disturbed me for years ..." When I read that line in the introduction to the book Economism and the National Prospect by John Attarian, I knew I was going to enjoy reading further. And I did. In addition, I learned how to put that disturbing thought into words - Attarian's words.

First word - economism: the world view that insists that only economies matter, and, in the process of being fleshed out in policy and practice, dehumanize people into economic units. This view, Attarian argues, can and will destroy America, unless we turn from it soon.

Second word - economites: adherents to this world view, who, unfortunately, dominate today's political, cultural, educational, civic, and even religious landscapes.

The over-arching and recurring themes of the book are right-on, and highlight economism's shortcomings and dangers. Two themes which got my attention were 1)Men and women are multidimensional and should be treated that way, with attention given to their hearts, souls, minds, and spirits; and 2) Because economism requires a constant supply of cheaper and cheaper labor, illegal immigration will remain a sad reality, and the number of its victims will continue to grow.

If the current economic picture of our nation makes you uncomfortable, please read this book and begin to explain to economites, you encounter, the error of their ways.

TCC note: More about this compact tome, which is almost as lifechanging as Bastiat's The Law, here. Sadly, author Attarian passed away at the young age of 48.

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Kenneth said...

Homo economicus isn't feeling so well these day!

We have not the slightest chance of surviving as a people if we don't reject materialism and economic determinism and all the other illusions of the zeitgeist.

The system cannot be reformed or restored. The illness it suffers from is terminal.