Torts From Your Living Room

An attaboy! for Phil Maymin the prolific libertarian writer and finance professor and Harvard grad and jack-of-all-intellectual-trades. He recently passed the California bar exam which has been dubbed the "ironman" of law school tests. (It lasts 3 days.)

Phil received his J.D. from the Northwestern California University School of Law, an online program. That's right. Phil never set foot in a bricks-and-mortar school to study torts, contracts, property, etc., yet he still managed to become a lawyer. How cool is that?

Despite its overegulatory bent, California is the only state in the nation where one can study the law via distance learning (a 4-5 year commitment) and sit for the bar. Look at the difference in pricing, with this option, as explained by Anita Paulsson, a graduate of Oak Brook College of Law.

Concord is another online law school. Here's how they make the pitch to prospective legal beagles.

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