For Real?

A reasonable person of a certain age would not pen this flaky screed.

But Jonathan Klate (pictured), a melodramatic acupuncturist from western Massachusetts, thrives on dispensing quacky, out-there opinions. In fact, he might have invented out-there.

And when it comes to playing the race card, he makes the Rev. Al Sharpton look like a rank amateur.

Here's what the Mr. Klate had to say about Bristol, and why she did so well on Dancing with the Stars: "Palin tried her best but her predominant advantage was majority skin color. That and a legion of zealous fans of her mother, a divisive politician from a state with a tiny African-American population where it is so easy to feel shocked - shocked - at the suggestion that white privilege might just possibly not have ended with the Civil War, and who loves to trumpet her anger at the mostly mythological chimera of reverse institutional racism."

Mythological chimera of reverse institutional racism? Whew!

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