A Very Sad "First"

This terrible boating accident, which occurred not far from where I live, made the national news. The thunderstorm, that night, was indeed "severe."

The crew of the "Sociable" heroically rescued six (of the eight) members of the crew of the capsized "WingNuts."

Condolences to the families of Mark Morley, 51, and Suzanne Bickel, 40.

Update: Helmet cam footage of the storm.

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Ed said...

This - while truly tragic - serves only to remind me of my roots and where I come from.

2-4 foot waves, 75 MPH winds -- I know people who would go haul 500 lobster traps in that (particularly if it was only a 2-4 foot sea).

They do it because they have to and what I tell people is that at 70MPH, the wind is such that you aren't going to be able to breathe *out* without turning your head sideways....

Anyone care to venture a guess why I know this???