Crime Fighter: Don't Glamorize Crime Bosses

Curtis Sliwa (pictured, right), founder of the Guardian Angels, has posted an interesting rant on his blog: "It's nothing new for films and TV shows to glamorize gangsterism: From The Godfather to The Sopranos, we've long had a love affair with the mob. But with the recent news that John Travolta has reportedly agreed to play John (Dapper Don) Gotti Sr. in a film saga about New York's most notorious crime syndicate, it seems like Hollywood itself is seeking to become the sixth Mafia family.

Che disgrazia! Unless we support what the Mafia stands for - murder, corruption, drugs, prostitution - we should boycott this movie (if and when it is released) and doom it to the DVD dustbin of history, where most of Travolta's career belongs.

After all, we'd never stand for a movie that shows how an Islamic suicide bomber is 'just one of us.' Yet if the accent is Italian, this schlock passes for art. And as the recent federal bust of more than 120 mobsters on the East Coast demonstrated, these creeps are still at work. There's no reason to celebrate them or pretend they're just a thing of the past, like cowboys."

Mr. Sliwa's anti-mob crusading once got him shot.


Kenneth said...

A good place to start. But, the ultimate anti-mob boycott is to stop paying taxes ;-)

TCC said...

You are the riposte king, you are!