18th Century: Old-School vs. New School

The debate about whether a 'classical education' is a practical choice for the masses has been raging for many, many years.

" ... he [Jeremy Bentham] did not disguise his opinion that a knowledge of Latin and Greek was of little value to the great majority of people ... he drew up a secondary school curriculum for middle-class children in which the humanities were heavily outweighed by science and technology."

Bentham, 1748-1832: British jurist, Panopticon creator, atheist, contemporary (and critic) of William Blackstone, advocate of utilitarianism, pen pal of Adam Smith.

All-Seeing Panopticon Prison

Sidebar: Sample lectures from Yorktown University, an online, accredited college that touts itself as "tea party friendly."

Off-the-beaten path: Medical school in Antigua.

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