John Stott: 1921-2011

A respected evangelical leader has passed away.

CBN reports: "He (Stott) influenced Christians worldwide through his preaching and writings. He authored 50 books during his lifetime.

Stott was ordained by the Church of England in 1945 and served at All Souls Church in London for more than 60 years.

His ministry spanned the globe with a variety of outreach programs."

As an undergrad (at Florida State), I remember cajoling my friend, Faith, to a lecture that Mr. Stott was giving at a church. What did he speak on? I have no recollection, but I do remember we were both charmed by his British accent and his unassuming manner. Over the years, I've used the Bible study guides he authored and never been disappointed with them.

On a personal note: John Stott was a birdwatcher who also lived the celibate life. Of the latter he said, "The gift of singleness is more a vocation than an empowerment, although to be sure God is faithful in supporting those He calls."

He was also a committed intercessor.


Allan Wall said...

Thanks for including this. This is the first news I've seen of Stott's passing. I remember his name as "John R. W. Stott", it stuck in my mind years ago.
His full name was John Robert Walmsley Stott.

TCC said...

U R welcome, and thanks for mentioning his full name. He lived like the Protestant version of a saint - :)

Kenneth said...

I had not heard of his passing. I recall reading Stott many, many years ago when I was an Anglican. Though he was low church (while I was high church) I found his clarity of thought and expression rare and admirable.

Thanks for passing on this information.