Friday Fun: Let's Talk Turkey

I stalk ... ready to shoot ... her.

Click-snap. There she is ... Mama Gobble Gobble. (One of her poults was flapping near her.)

She gives me the eye.

Then vanishes into the wildflowers.


Allan Wall said...
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Allan Wall said...

Great work bagging that turkey. We have a lot of wild turkeys where I reside. Once the boys and I saw a whole flock of them strutting through a cultivated field. Given the perspective, they looked much bigger than they actually were. Beautiful animals.

Allan Wall said...

Sorry about that, sending you the same thing twice. I don't know how I did that. Just delete it if you like, along with this one!

TCC said...

I deleted the first one. It's ok.

They are gorgeous! I never get tired of running into them ... sad to think they may be fodder for coyotes.

Allan Wall said...

Yes, but not sad for the coyotes! LOL!

TCC said...