Book Housekeeping

File under: I never cease to be amazed at the schlock teenagers are required to read.

Dump Catcher in the Rye, too, Republic, MO school board.


Allan Wall said...

There's a lot of hysteria about this sort of thing. But honestly, taking a book out of a reading list or out of a school library is not the same as burning books. Any student who really wants to read this stuff could still obtain it.
I notice too that the author of one of these books objects. Wouldn't have a conflict of interest now would she?
I for one applaud a local school board taking control of things. Isn't that what they're there for?
Of course, arguments about what books can be read (on the public dime) are a good argument for privatization of education and home schooling aren't they?

TCC said...

Well, Allan, consider all the books that are never included in a school curriculum - say a book with a viewpoint espoused by Pat Buchanan or Ann Coulter - I think 'they' supress more than they exclude.

Allan Wall said...

Yes, an excellent point.

Kenneth said...

It is a shame that Slaughterhouse Five has been put down the memory hole. This would probably be the only time these young people would be informed about the allied bombing of the essentially demilitarized, open city of Dresden, Germany during WWII. This firebombing attack had no military purpose unless you consider incinerating civilians to be a legitimate military purpose.

Besides the rough language, I suppose the neocon chickenhawks found the anti-war message to be inconvenient and unacceptable. Another great argument for home schooling.