A Family's Values

The Duggars offer parenting advice to the Octomom, Nadya Suleman. (I know. Weird. But in the times we live in, none of these societal practices even seem weird. Which is weird. Maybe we've all jumped the shark.)

Anyway, here's five of their ten suggestions which are as positive as they are appropriate:

1. Praise your children 10 times more than you get on to them.
2. Model the character and responses you want your children to develop.
3. Don't raise your voice or say put-down words, stay under control.
4. Humbly apologize when you blow it.
5. Lead by example, look for opportunities to serve those around you.

As for Number 6? Well, given how all these people earn a living ...

6. Turn off the TV, and spend time as a family building special memories.

Now if Michelle and Jim Bob start dispensing marital advice to this ambitious pair - well, déjà vu.

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