Chattanooga's Target Rich Environment

A school board in Tennessee - Hamilton County - had a public discussion about whether to allow area homeschoolers to participate on public school sports teams.

One school board member offered the all-time-most-out-there reason to 'just say no' to the home scholars: "Board member Joe Galloway expressed uncertainties with the idea, in part because of his belief that any home-schoolers coming on to a public school team would be relatively unknown to public school coaches and administrators.

'What if a home-school athlete has a crazy uncle who shows up at the games and throws a scene?' Galloway asked.' "

Mr. Galloway's contact information is here.

Please note that Hamilton County Schools prides itself on the following: "a diverse school system committed to creating, fostering and supporting an environment that offers opportunities for success for all."

Joe "The Joke" Galloway

HT: B.D.


Allan Wall said...

LOL! As if homeschoolers have a monopoly on crazy uncles!
Has this guy been to t-ball or little league games?
How many parents or other relatives of government schoolers have made public nuisances of themselves at sports competitions?
I bet more of them have than relatives of homeschoolers.

TCC said...

So true. And that's what cops are for anyway ... to call them when fans get out of control.