Sat. Sighting: The Bachelor Finds a Sweetie

Congrats to Mr. Justin Dortignac (FOL*) who is engaged to Miss Becky Kalebaugh. The wedding will take place, next month, in Sisters, Oregon. The pair enjoyed a brief courtship earlier this year. Here's here's how this meeting of the minds and hearts began (according to Becky): " ... dad gave us his blessing to get to know each other with the intention of marriage."

After the wedding, this parent-honoring pair will reside in Norco, CA.

*Friend of the Lymans


Chris said...

I am so happy for Justin and Becky! I will attest that she fit in so well to our family, that most of us didn't even imagine that she would be our sister in law someday. We figured she was already one of us!

Regarding the discussion of Courtship vs. Dating, and what exactly the terms mean, (which many homeschool families squabble about), I have this to say: Courtship is whatever the girl's dad says it is. In other words, if you don't play by their rules, than don't expect to win her (or her family's) heart. And whether you like it or not, you DO become a part of your spouse's family. In this case, we couldn't be happier!

Maybe I should go "Elk" hunting too! ;-)

TCC said...

Thanks for commenting, Big Bro Chris. I hope the wedding is perfect, and congrats on acquiring a lovely sis-in-law.