Candidate Bachmann

During the past two weeks, I wrote three different (although there was some overlap) columns about Michele Bachmann. Here's the one that got published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette of Northampton, MA. It's too early in the game to determine how the Bachmann presidential run will turn out, but I disagree with political observers who speculate that she's really gunning for the VEEP spot. There are not many electoral college votes to be gained from choosing a Minnesotan, and I can't see the GOP recycling the 'pro-family values, female vice-president' candidate. Too risky, no up side.

The pertinent question is whether Michele, who has proven she has the fire in her belly for such a quest, has the gravitas and the vision to pursue meaningful reform. Stay tuned.

The Republican's Real Competition: Stephen L. Carter declares Obama a "Man of War."


Kenneth said...

Bachmann is another of the demented Republicrat, "Israel First" chicken hawks. I'd rather see Obama reelected than one of these Zionist crazies as Commander in Chief.

Ed said...

Kennith, you do not know this woman, you don't even have her religion right, and my guess is that you are one of those "must support gay marriage & abortion" schmucks who drove me out of the mASSgop.

Come to Taxachusetts, you would fit right in.

And I will put it this way -- if the people like you manage to control this nomination, I will VOTE FOR Obama because it is better to have your enemies outside the tent than within -- and it will be the end of the GOP on a national basis.

Michelle Bachmann is going for the gold -- she isn't a half-way person and I really don't think she is going for the VeeP slot, nor do I think she would be happy there.

Kenneth said...

Hey Ed,
You're quite right about me being a schmuck. The proof is that I do, foolishly, live in Massachusetts ;-)
Though in other respects your crystal ball is a bit off-I oppose gay marriage and am very, very far from being a liberal.

There isn't any Republican candidate that I am enthusiastic about. They are all pro-war, pro-Israel, pro-empire--except for Ron Paul. I don't entirely trust Ron Paul because he seems squishy on immigration and economic nationalism.

BTW, Zionism isn't a religion. There are pro and anti-Zionist Jews just as there are pro and anti-Zionist Christians. I'm guessing that there aren't too many pro-Zionist Muslims.